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Keep It Tight

Random thoughts on gaming: Games are, boiled down to their most basic level, devices designed to create and release tension in a satisfying manner.   If a game does not create tension, then it cannot release tension in any manner, satisfying or unsatisfying.  A game that does not create tension will be generally regarded as boring and/or stupid.  This is generally why, after you've reached a certain age/stage of intellectual development, you no longer play tic tac toe.  Similarly, if you've ever played a challenging video game,  you'll understand the overwhelming temptation of using cheat codes.  Some cheat codes can actually help the game experience (there is no reason, for example, why I should have to do a bunch of stupid, arbitrary, pointless quests before I can put Captain America in his correct costume; the cheat code that unlocks all the costumes just lets me play the game the way I want to play it from the beginning).   Those that make your character invincible, h…

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