Hearts & Flowers

Valentine's Day has come and gone. This year I got lucky enough to have one of my floating days off fall on it, so that let me get up fairly early and get over to Kroger's for some last minute flower and stuffed bear purchases. Placed neatly in the antique wooden box I'd gotten for SuperFiancee last week, along with a homemade Valentine's Day card (for some reason, over the years, I've learned people either very much like my home made holiday cards, or, at least, they pretend to; either way, it works for me), all that was waiting for SuperFiancee when she got home for lunch yesterday.

She brought me a gift bag which contained a mug full of Hershey's kisses (labeled on the side 'kisses for you', a phrase that has some significance between SF and I), a lovely if slightly risque Valentine's Day card, a stuffed infant canine I promptly named Puppy Love, and a green T-shirt with a Green Lantern symbol on it, to replace a similar one SF gave me when I first moved here which had long since disappeared (probably stolen from a laundromat washing machine, back in the day when we frequented laundromats, before SF's sister so kindly gifted us with a washer and dryer of our own). Then about 2/3s of an episode of SPORTS NIGHT on DVD before SF had to head back to the grind.

Dinner out at "our" restaurant here in the neighborhood, bookended by [sex scene deleted] before and after, pretty much finished the day.

Valentine's Day is way WAY better when shared.

Wedding plans proceed apace. Most of you will be getting something in the mail sometime this week; for those of you reading this who don't get anything from us, well, we're thinking of you, and if you happen to be in Southern Indiana on a fine Saturday in late April and you see a bunch of geeky looking people having a wedding ceremony at a reasonably well known indoor mall, well, feel free to wander over to say 'hi' and grab some chow.

I had planned to scan a copy of our wedding invitation, which is pretty frickin' unique, in my experience, and put it up here, but our scanner does not want to cooperate with that endeavor at the moment, soooooo... no soap. Sorry.

I have, to date, been able to pretty much eschew commenting on the new Heroclix expansion coming out, ORIGIN, because every time WK leaks a new figure, Mike Norton is right there, doing an admirable job writing it up and saving me the trouble. But Mike has skipped over the new Carter Hall LE, so I may have to do something with that later on this week, as I'm rather impressed with the LE's dial, and annoyed that WK is making it a prize only Limited Edition. Bastards.

Okay, I'm off into the latter half of another bleak week in Craptastic City. Pray for me, or, you know, do the godless liberal equivalent.

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