Two days in the Highlands

Busy weekend.

After a pretty grueling week in training downtown, I was looking to unwind and chillax a bit this weekend. Unfortunately, the weekend was stacked pretty high with scheduled chores, mostly, shopping for some boring, mundane necessary household items (like a pair of new shoes for me) that we'd been putting off and letting amass into a sizeable list for months.

Pleasantly, a couple of friends from out of town, the Colletts, rolled in for a few hours on Saturday, giving us all a much needed break from the usual day to day living stress. We played some Wii Bowling (where we all discovered that Tony has a wild and wicked right hook, and I somehow managed to hold on to my always tentative Pro status despite bowling two spectacularly mediocre games) and some Apples to Apples on either side of a wonderful dinner created by SuperWife (her own uniquely delicious Salisbury steaks, mashed potatoes, and peas), before Tony and his charming wife Kathy were off again to meet yet another group of their friends elsewhere in River City.

Prior to that, I'd been able to help my oldest stepdaughter resolve a banking snafu she'd gotten pulled into, which felt good.

Sunday, we did pretty much all the shopping we'd been putting off for some time, which was grueling but satisfying to get done. I'm sporting new shoes which nearly fit, and look much better than my previous pair. Alas and alack, the DVD player in the living room has given up the ghost exactly the same way as its predecessor did almost a year ago, making me think that the manufacturers deliberately build these cheap little machines with a self destruct timer inside them. So we'll be back out getting a new DVD player soon, which makes me sad.

Sorry for the boring blog entry, but, well, that's life in the big city sometimes.

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