Our house is a very very very fine house

With Tippy in the yard... life used to be so hard...

Okay, two posts back I mentioned our wonderful snowman, Tippy. SuperGirlfriend borrowed a digital camera and took a pic of him, and as it turns out, it's a lovely pic of our very lovely house, as well. So, enjoy.

Here's a close up of Tippy the Snowman himself. Yes, we have the only inebriated snowman in all of River City. One good thaw, though, and we'll have to rename him Melty. Dig him while you can.

Okay, put the snow shovels down. It's just an expression.

Oh, in a note that only Mike Norton will enjoy, Tippy's shoe button eyes? The bottoms of HeroClix dials. The rookie Aurora and Sunfire, I believe, without the figs.

This post is short enough that I didn't truncate it, so ignore the hyperbolic link below.

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