I mentioned, back in my Christmas post, just how well the case of Indy clix I bought for Super Drama Teen worked out... I'd hoped she might pick up one Unique Hellboy, since I was pretty sure she'd have been willing to trade it to Super Dependable Teen, who is a HUGE Hellboy fan. Instead, she snared two of them... a pretty good catch, since the Unique Hellboy is about the most expensive piece in the entire Indy set. Prices vary from one shop to another, but generally, if you order one from a place like IconsUSA or Gathering Ground, you can expect to pay something between $15 and $20 for one.

These prices are slightly inflated over the reality that is Ebay. After the game we played Saturday, Super Drama Teen broached the subject of just how much the Unique Hellboy was worth. I went out on Ebay to take a look, and advised her from what I could see, while it sold for the prices I've quoted above at various shops, on Ebay it looked like she could rely on getting at least $10 for it. I advised her, however, that if she could put together a complete Hellboy REV, to sell as a package along with the Unique, she might well get $20 to $30.

After going back and forth on that for a while, talking about the relative pros and cons of going the Ebay route, she finally just decided to sell me the fig for $10 cash in hand. So everybody's happy... she gets some money without hassing around with auctions and Ebay fees and packages and mailing stuff and the uncertainty of an open bidding process, and I get a Unique Hellboy. Yay!

The graphic doesn't really do the fig justice, by the way; it's actually MUCH nicer looking when you're looking at the real thing.

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