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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Is this the end of Little Nell?

Nah. I got stuff. Posts to write on YOUNG AVENGERS (Christ, it's bad), our recent vacation (a good time was had by all, or, at least, by all the wimmenfolk in my life, which is what counts, and I scored some new Magic cards, so, overall, it was cool, although I wish to God I could now take a vacation to recover from my vacation), and, of course, the latest Republican/conservative horseshit (the murderous idiots are willing to accept that the war in Iraq has killed five or ten thousand innocent civilians, but they absolutely balk at SIX HUNDRED thousand, and here I thought moral relatavism was supposed to be a liberal disease), a whip around of the blogs I regularly read, few of whom care whether I exist or not but what the fuck, perhaps something about the TV I'm watching (that would be HEROES, and nothing else, at this juncture) and, I dunno, maybe some clix nonsense that only Mike Norton will read (got me a STILT-MAN, baby!).

What I ain't got at this particular node in space/time is, well, time. The SuperKids are all running around screaming while simultaneously leaping up and down and setting things on fire, the Asshole Ex is taking us back to court to waste even MORE of the money we ain't got and he's refusing to pay us, SuperFiancee and I are back at work full time, the house is a wreck... it's Life As Usual, just with more of it piled up in four story stacks due to taking five days out for a road trip to Florida.

But bear with me. I'll probably throw a great deal of shit against this h'yar wall sometime this weekend.

Oh, and mad thanks to Mike 'Miraclo' Norton and Opus de Penguin for recent plugs on their respective blogs. They're both on my sidebar, go check 'em out.

Oh, yeah... I love you, Tammy.



At 3:25 PM , Blogger SuperFiancee said...

I love you, too, D.A. Muchly, even.

While I'd LOVE to see you blog about HEROES (and I'm sure you will, no rush is necessary), I see nary a mention of warm glazed Krispy Kreme's on the list. Surprising...;) Congrats on the Stilt Man, though. And thanks for sharing the wealth on the MTG cards.

We'll get things around the homefront under control in the next day or so. The pile of laundry is more than half done and a great lot of the unpacking is over. Hang in there.

As for going back to court, well, we already decided long ago, we'd do what the kids wanted to do about this. What galls me is that he blusters about that he doesn't have the money to feed them, but must have found something if he's throwing more at lawyers. Whatever.

At 3:52 PM , Blogger Tony Collett said...

On one hand, it's good to hear that you got some Magic cards, a Stilt-man, and (hopefully) some better weather.
On the other hand, sorry about the crap you're going through, hearing about Mark Foley more than usual (I suspect that's the case, as he's a Florida boy), and the Bucs losing again. Kathy and I tried to keep up with the score as we watched the last of the Colts game (and the [comment about the Bucs removed by author to prevent the host from exploding]) At least you had a party while watching.
And HEROES is good, isn't it? If you get a chance, check out FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. I know, there's football, and it's based on a movie. But I checked it out on Peter David's recommendation, and if you question his tastes, he grew up in a sports-centered school (as I did) and if we overcame that to see what a good show it is, it's worth a look.

At 2:26 PM , Blogger MJ Norton said...

Congrats on the Stilt-man, and sorry to read that the man either has horrifically bad legal counsel or doesn't know when to take good advice about the cutting of losses.

HEROES grew on me with the second episode, but thusfar my interest in the conspiracy to at least monitor (and likely control) the rising super-class is next to nil. I like the emerging abilities and their users' explorations & consequences of the powers, though, and so long as there's more of that than the secret conspiracy I'll keep watching. (Basically, I've come to expect that the conspiracy elements almost always end up overplayed and underwhelming in tv series, and have no reason to expect differently here.)

While I haven't seen what PAD had to say about it nor given the show a look, I'd find it difficult to believe I'd be interested in FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS -- but, then again, you weren't making the recommendation to me, so I likely should just stay out of this. My initial reaction (not knowing when to shut up) is the same as when someone recently, over lunch, asked me if I'd seen DANCING WITH THE STARS.

I said, "I don't recall catching the scent of gun oil anywhere near my head recently." Which appeared to answer the question cleanly enough. ;)

At 2:34 PM , Blogger Highlander said...

Er.. Tony was recommending FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS to me. My response to FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is mostly "but it's not ON on Friday nights". For some weird reason, that seems to excuse it from all further consideration on my part. I know, the inside of my head is a weird place most times.

At 9:16 PM , Blogger AaA said...


The mental topograghpy of your mind is rolling, grass-covered hills, and lightly forested valleys with cheerful bubbling brooks winding lazily through them them compared to the Byzantine morass that is my mind.

I always book at least two days at the end of any vacation I've planned for recovery from said vacation. Being away from my home and things is always stressful and tiring. Even when eating at Superfiancee's table, sorry. (But I'm still gonna do it again this year if possible.)

Only recently heard of Heroes, and haven't seen it, or anything else on TV except Charmed recently. Charmed I watch because it's on for two hours in a row on weekday mornings on cable, and I'm home and awake at those times. Three hot chicks doing stuff, and frequently interacting with other hot chicks is good in and of itself, but they toss in explosions (a LOT of explosions recently). And explosions on TV are like a dip in the deep-fryer for food, they make anything better. Examples?

Ok, fine. Look at how Little House on the Prairie ended. They blew up the whole friggin town. I'd wanted to do that the first time I saw the show. It was frigging fantastic.

Imagine how much better The View would be with an explosion or two...

Whiny Bitch #1: Say, WB#2, what do you think of the way TV portrays independent single women?

WB#2: Oh I hate it! They make us seem like total bitches that only care about *BOOM*

Oooh, I think I just made a spot on my trousers. (Author's Note: The preceding depiction of 'The View' is based on hearsay from sources with low opinions of 'The View' and may not neccessarily express my own opinions, as I've never seen an episode of 'The View' and am operating under prejudices founded on prejudices.)

One of the few funny things George Carlin ever came up with was using explosions to improve Major League Baseball...

Imagine landmines randomly placed in the outfield... 'Thomson's settling under that one and THOOM... Holy shit!' Good stuff there.

See? Explosions are like a candy coating on more candy, they make it BETTER. It's like cashing a winning lottery ticket, and the cashier gives you too much money, and you don't notice 'til you get home, it makes it even BETTER.


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