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Monday, October 02, 2006

Suffer the little children to come unto him

Here's my buddy SuperPatriot, on the recent mess with Congressman Foley and his pretty page boys:

* * * * *

This is ridiculous. First, the Bible tells us that we should fear no evil, for the Lord's rod and His staff, they shall comfort us. Congressman Foley is simply following this injunction and walking in the footsteps of Jesus. He is asking himself, what would Jesus do? Well, Jesus would comfort this poor 16 year old sinner with His rod and His staff, and that was all that Congressman Foley was trying to do. He is a good decent Christian public servant and all of you should be ashamed of yourselves for condeming him.

Besides, this is all just liberal gay bashing. You liberals hate the gays and you take every opportunity to persecute them. The Republican Party welcomed this good Christian gay public servant and gave him acceptance and protection and now that the liberal MSM has invaded his privacy and callously revealed his personal lifestyle choices for public ridicule you revile him. When he is simply asking himself what would Jesus do, and anyway, it is none of your business. Liberals are the first people to hate on the FBI for using its programs to eavesdrop on everyone's emails, until it is a Republican whose privacy rights are tossed on the trash heap, and then you all dance a jig. You are all despicable hypocrites.

And everyone is now comparing this to Republican prosecutions of Bill Clinton. Well, let's all remember what you godless liberals always forget — Bill Clinton committed ADULTERY. That is specifically forbidden by God in the Ten Commandments. And that is a little bit more serious than doing a little bit of typing over the Internet.

You people make me sick. God will judge Congressman Foley if judgement is necessary. All of you should be strung up from the nearest lamp post and now that we have a godly Supreme Court I look forward to it happening very soon.

* * * *

Thanks, SuperPatriot. As always, you're a breath of fresh air and a keen, lucid point of view in a world full of fuzzy headedness.


At 5:22 PM , Blogger SuperFiancee said...

I keep getting a visual of Yosemite Sam when I read the part about 'despicable hypocrites'. Was that some kind of intentional subliminal suggestion?

Oh, and I really love it when you give the crazies equal airtime.

At 9:11 AM , Blogger MJ Norton said...

The most alarming thing about SuperPatriot's rant is how I'm sure at least one item in there ("Liberal " perspectives on email privacy rights being subjective) will show up as someone's evasive talking point.


As I understand it Drudge is getting his either cranky or potentially guilty old guy groove on by blaming the "16 and 17 year old beasts" for their part in these "two way" relationships. I might be more open to Foley's side of the issue were it not for his public rants on these same issues.

One thing I do agree with Drudge on, though, is that this will be used as ammo for another attempt to regulate the Internet. Considering how many of the Bush Administration's calls for Internet search record-keeping and general email traffic retention cite both terrorism and child pornography (two issues people are understandably desperately worried about appearing to be on the wrong side of) I can easily see the feds using this aspect of the story to their advantage while simultaneously doing their utmost to isolate Foley from the GOP and control damage as we head into the mid-terms.

We had CN8 on -- a rare occurrence -- last night because an unrelated interview piece Ari had on ran into coverage of the school shooting here in PA, and I have never seen so many child predator awareness commercials in my life.

At 9:41 AM , Blogger Highlander said...

Rant? RANT? Crazies? CRAZIES? SuperPatriot is a powerful force for good in our time! He IS! He told me so. While he was stealing my TV. Bastard.


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