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Saturday, March 24, 2007

From beyond time and space

...or, at least, from friggin' Ireland, which is very nearly the same thing -- a package arrived today.

Within -- Booty! Plunder! Spoils! Swag! LOOT! Well, trade goods, at the very least... an offering from the East, winging in via International Express to win the heart of my very own Queen Hippolyta.

And a noble effort it is, too! Within said chest of treasures was to be found the agreed upon ransom, a vast wealth of Limited Edition, Prize Only, bronze ring HeroClix --

The Power Cosmic Dr. Doom (the Supernova ClixBrick mailaway LE)
Kraven the Spider (Sinister)
Dr. Hank Pym (Supernova)
Celestial Madonna (Supernova)
Nathaniel Richards (Supernova)
Vance Astrovik (Supernova)
Wonder Woman (Origin New Guy Night giveaway)
Genis Vell (Supernova)
Joe Ledger (Supernova)
Norrin Radd (Supernova)
Jennifer Walters, Esq. (Supernova)
One-Who-Knows (Supernova)
Henry Camp (Supernova)
Super-Nova (Supernova)

Naturally, the package didn't come in until too late on Saturday to mail out Queen Hippolyta in exchange, so that will have to go out on Monday.

In addition to that, my streak of getting no Uniques whatsoever from ORIGIN broke yesterday, when SuperFiancee bought me three boosters, and out of those boosters I pulled two Uniques, Negative Woman and Johnny Quick. In addition to those, I also pulled a Veteran Blackhawk to go with the rookie (Olaf, I think) from a few boosters back, and finished out my Triplicate Girl REV with a Rookie, and my Animal Man REV with an Experienced. I also picked up a Veteran Damage and a Veteran Mr. Miracle. These join other recent Vet acquisitions Supergirl and Mano.

Today was a busy day, but a good one. Early morning saw a 10 a.m. transfer of the SuperKids to their bio-dad for an overnight visit, after which we came back home, took a late morning shower, then went to a local deli we both like a lot to pick up some food for a brief picnic in the park. On returning home, we found the delivery slip for the package on the door, and got lucky when a very helpful mailman came by a few minutes later to deliver the regular mail. He offered to call the Express Mail delivery guy for us, who came back an hour or so later with my box. This caused us to miss a 1:15 showing of THE ASTRONAUT FARMER, something I want to see regardless of how many crappy reviews it gets. But there's always tomorrow. After getting the package, we did some spring cleaning (sweeping out the living room, sweeping off the front porch, hosing down the plastic porch furniture), worked on the card box for our wedding, which is coming out looking pretty good, actually, grilled some burgers, and ate out on our now much cleaner looking porch since the furniture had dried out in the sun.

Backtracking to Friday briefly, the big accomplishment of the day was getting our marriage license. (Ha! Now she CAN'T get away!) After that, since the littlest SuperKid was spending the early evening with her grandparents, we took the older two off to see THE HOST, which was actually pretty excellent. I won't peremptorily command anyone to go see it, as many other bloggers and reviewers seem to be doing, but I will say it's a well made monster movie, and I'm of the opinion it will become even better when some American studio inevitably remakes it and cuts out a lot of the unnecessary plot clutter and pointless sidetracking that seems to be de rigeur for Asian audiences.

And, really, that's about it at Castle Anthrax. Hope everyone out there is doing well, even if y'all are obviously too busy to comment on me or SuperFiancee's blog. ;)


At 10:19 PM , Blogger Tony Collett said...

Your post inspired me to post about my weekend, such as it is. Unfortunately The Astronaut Farmer isn't playing anywhere around me, so I guess I'll have to wait for it to hit the dollar theatres or video.
And The Host did seem to have that meandering that is typical of Asian film, didn't it?

At 11:34 PM , Blogger AaA said...

Mmm, yes, Asian film, of course, but slightly tannic, Hokkaido Studios, I think...

(That's a very deep in-joke from an exceptionally obscure movie, so none of you are near cool enough to do more than assume I'm dotty. You fools!)

I'll give you a hint though, Hokkaido is the northernmost of the Japanese Islands, not counting the one they and the Rooskies are always bickering over...

At any rate, I've been very busy trying hard not to die of pneumonia, so I'm exempt. Plus I was raising money for childhood cancer research, so I get another bye to use later. So nyah.

At 12:43 PM , Blogger Em the Retro Geek said...

I wish I had cool stuff like this. I always spend my money on games these days though...

Thanks (back at you) for the comment. I have you on my wee list of "places I like to visit that I have to link because I'm dumb". Once I have more time there will be less constant DS blogging. I like all types of games really, especially ones that I violent and I can laugh at.

At 1:40 PM , Blogger AaA said...

Oh, hey, and while you're rolling in all that swag, how's about an answer on loaning me your Rookie Triplicate Girl? Or even Experienced or Veteran, dammit?

At 1:43 PM , Blogger AaA said...

Crap! Forgot to mention, speaking of Ireland, that on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the School of Education's founding, the president of Ireland will be speaking at your alma mater to kick off the festivities of that celebration (turns out she's personal friends of the Dean of Education or Somesuch.

And that's kinda cool, even if apropros of nothing at all.

At 1:49 PM , Blogger Highlander said...


You want to borrow Luornu, you need to talk to Chuck, not me.


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