Everywhere I want to be...

Or everywhere I was, eight months ago, anyway.

Great minds think alike... or something. Which is to say, a week or so after I first start linking to his reviews of HEROES, Jeremy Slater publishes the following review of HEROES, which is a great deal like a review of HEROES I published... well, see the link in my first sentence.

I'm sure it's a coincidence. A big shot Hollywood comedy writer like Slater would never, never, never have to swipe joke ideas from a mere nobody like me... not that a no-talent amateur with a single digit audience like myself would ever post anything worthy of Slater's attention, anyway.

Weirdly, somebody from Fresno, California has been spending a lot of time on my blog in the past two or three days, too. No doubt that's another coincidence.

I generally enjoy Slater's writing (less so when he's heaping abuse and wishing violent death on people because those people have a different lifestyle and set of religious beliefs from his own, but, still... ) and... c'mon now... it's highly unlikely that someone as cool as Jeremy Slater would ever go to someone else's blog to get ideas for his own. Right?


Of course, if there's one thing I know, it's how easy it is to use a search engine or a stat counter (or both) to check up on new links to your work, anywhere on the Internet. It's probably not entirely unreasonable or ridiculous to think that Slater followed my links to his stuff back here. From there it would be pretty easy for him to find my previous rantings about HEROES, and from there, well, why give some obscure asswipe credit for writing some funny stuff, and a link, when instead, you could just rip them off with complete impunity, since no one who reads your work is ever going to read their work anyway?

Isn't that... the Hollywood way?

I guess it's flattering. I thought my "Behind the scenes" entry was pretty funny when I posted it, and it's nice to see that someone else with actual professional screenwriting credit concurs.

Assuming, of course, that all this isn't just a coincidence... which it probably is.


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