Resident weevils

A comment I just posted over at DKM's blog, on the subject of the latest RESIDENT EVIL movie:

You have to go into the RE movies expecting blows-up-real-good-high-velocity crap. If you do, you'll really dig on the first and the third. (I can't imagine the mindset necessary to enjoying the second installment; that one went so badly off the rails about halfway through that I have no idea where it ended up, but it wasn't anywhere near good, or even enjoyable).

Being a huge fan of zombie movies helps, too. Unlike the mess that was 28 Days Later, or even the obviously good intentioned but still ultimately malformed remake of Dawn of the Dead, the first and third RE installments recreate the essential core of the zombie genre beautifully. And the latest one tosses in a lot of other sneaky sideways schlock references as well, to everything from The Devil's Rejects to The Road Warrior.

The unbelievable stupidity of this latest RE can be seen simply by reflecting on the obvious fact that, in a hellish future where there is hardly any food, water, gas, shelter, law, or even band-aids, nonetheless, we still obviously have enough haircare products to ride out the next millenium on a wave of Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine. Beyond that, it heartens me to know that apparently years of starvation, assault, and attrition will turn every human survivor into a gorgeous buffed up action figure. Shit, I can't WAIT. ;)

Adding on to that -- SuperWife and I saw the latest Resident Evil thingie a few weeks ago with Nate, and for all its brainbending idiocy, we still had a good time watching it. I'm not sure it's an ownable, but if you're looking for ROAD WARRIOR style action with a lot of zombies in the mix, you could do way worse than toss a few bucks to your local rental franchise for this.

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