I need more power, Scotty

...nearly any amount more, because, as of Sunday, I got none.

Well, we have none. 'We' not meaning simply me and the Super-fam, but me and like 133,000 other residents of River City. Which is down from, like, the 201,000 residents it was Sunday night, but as I am still a part of the shrinking number, it's mostly moot.

I'm librarying now. Whups, SuperWife is done with the pinkalicious party that Super Adorable Kid forced us all to come down her to attend. Gotta go.

Back to Amish House, for the forseeable.

10 to 14 days is the estimate until all the damage is fixed and everyone has power again.

10 to 14 days.

Welcome to the Third World, early 21st Century style. Pull up a chair. Get comfie. Near a window, if you want to read.

Cackle at that useless thing in the corner if you like; they used to call it a 'com poo ter'. That other thing? That's a 'tell uh vizyun".

I can't remember what they were for, either.

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