If this election is really all about change...

...then Obama wins.

Hands in his pockets.

It isn't even anything as meaty as the issues, or his policies. That stuff has very little mass or weight with a majority of the voters, anyway. It's all about viscera. Graphics. Quick hits. Visuals. How it feels to most people. What it looks like.

And let's face it, if McCain has really conceded the point that this
election is about 'change' and 'reform' -- and certainly, he seems to
have by picking Palin and trying to package her as a non mainstream
maverick reformer just like him -- then he's taking the losing side of
the bet. Why?

Look at them.

You want change? You want reform? You want something different from this day forward?

Well, who you gonna call? The skeevy old white guy who is lying just as fast as a horse can trot, spouting hypocritical platitudes out of both sides of his mouth? The one who's been kneedeep in the Washington hoopla since the 1980s, always on the side of the corporate establishment regardless of what he claims now? The one whose entire campaign is staffed with high powered lobbyists and being run by Karl Rove? Yeah, there's something new and different, something voters don't see every couple of years like clockwork. Sure.

Or, y'know, you can vote for that young black man who is obviously as smart as a whip, and who isn't part of the political mainstream in any particular. Who has no lobbyists on his payroll, whose campaign isn't being run by party hacks.

Which of these packages is truly different?

McCain's pick of Palin was meant to address this, meant to present more of an image of 'change' and 'reform'. On the surface she sure seems different from the usual VP pick... say, Joe Biden. But (a) people don't really vote for the VP on the ticket, although many will vote AGAINST a truly disastrous choice, and (b) Palin's image as a reformer, as 'something different', is just barely skin deep. She's no reformer. She's a typical 'get it while the getting is good' conservative/Republican. She's racist, corrupt, deceitful, spoiled, shallow, and mean... a poster girl for Abrahamoff-era Washington.

That's not change. That's not reform. That's just more of not only the same-old same-old, but the absolute worst of the same-old same-old, in a warm GILF package.

So if McCain truly has allowed this election to move forward on Obama's terms... if he really has decided he needs to cut a big slice of that 'change' pie off for himself if he wants to have any chance whatsoever of winning... then he has no chance whatsoever of winning. It's like he's decided to use rope-a-dope on Mohammed Ali, like he's going to punch harder than Mike Tyson, like he's going to scramble faster and throw more accurately than Michael Vick.

Like he's going to challenge the Flash to a foot race, and win.

McCain, for Change? McCain, the Reformer?

Nuh UH.

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