What rough beast, its hour come round at last

Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday Happy birthday
Happy birthday to me

Gots a card from me mum and stepdad, X stopped by the blog to wish me a H.B., SuperWife of course is being all birthdayie with me, and tomorrow when we get the kids back from the evil Bio-Dad I'll have a party and cake and prezzies and stuff.

In the meantime, Happy Birthday to me!

UPDATE, 11/23/08

Okay. My mom and my brother Pat called on Friday to wish me a Happy Birthday. In addition, on Friday night I received a $50 gift certificate to ROLE OF THE DIE from Nate, which, after a large double pepperoni pizza at Spinelli's, I pretty much entirely spent while playing Magic there with SuperWife, Nate, and Brian, the proprietor, who was nice enough to give me a gratis booster of SHARDS OF ALARA.

On Saturday I got IRON MAN and THE HULK on DVD from SuperWife, more Magic cards from SuperDependable Teen and Super Adorable Kid, the Magic: Battlegrounds X-Box game from Super Drama Teen, a pair of blue jeans from my sister in law, and a pair of pajama bottoms and a new battery for the cordless phone from my parents in law. Also, SuperWife spent hours in the kitchen making me a chocolate Bundt cake with a coconut filling and a vanilla glaze icing, which Super Adorable Kid contributed to as well. It was delicious, and is mostly mine, as hardly anyone else around here will eat coconut, the Philistines.

All told, there are much worse ways to turn 47, I devoutly believe.

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