For what it's worth...

A nearly Zen phrase, given what I'm typing about here...

I've added PayPal buttons to this, my 'usual' blog, (on the sidebar -- eyes slideways, spuds), and the home of the Red Tiger, Redline Comics, as well as a new blog, Tales of the Nebula, set up specifically to house several of my newer short stories (links on sidebar).

There are seven novels, one novella, a military memoir, 50+ geek topic articles, 25 or so short stories, and around two dozen cartoons available from the sidebar here, all by yours truly, any or all of which are available entirely free, and all of which, I hope, are at least reasonably entertaining.

And, over at Redline Comics, you have an entirely original 17 page superhero comic.

Whether you want hours of bemusement or just minutes, you can find something here. If you're bored, and have some time to spare in front of your monitor, and you enjoy geek pop culture stuff related to science fiction, fantasy, geek TV shows, or superhero comics, you could do far worse than browse the sidebar for a little while.

If you find anything you like here or over there, it wouldn't trouble me in the slightest if you hit the PayPal tip jar while you're there. And by all means, tell your friends.

Thanks. And happy holidays!

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