Occasionally I am asked, what is your favorite novel? Your favorite SF novel? Your favorite fantasy novel? Your favorite mystery novel? What is your favorite comic book?

People never differentiate on the 'comic book' question. There are as many different genres of comic books as there are anything else, but, to be fair, I generally only read superhero comics.

However, as it happens, one o...f the few non superhero comics I've ever read is, in fact, my favorite, or, at least, the BEST comic I've ever read: Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell's FROM HELL.

If I had to pick a favorite supehero comic, it would be hard. Maybe CAPTAIN MARVEL #38. Or FLASH #123. Or GIANT SIZE AVENGERS #2. Or HULK #168. Or SUPERBOY #195, which featured the awesome Legion of Superheroes back up story "One Shot Hero". Or possibly even Alan Moore's fantastic two part "Whatever Happened To The Man of Tomorrow?"

As to favorite novels:

Science fiction - LORD OF LIGHT by Roger Zelazny. But Heinlein's CITIZEN OF THE GALAXY would be a really close second.

Fantasy - probably DEATH OF THE NECROMANCER by Martha Wells. Or something by Barbara Hambly.

Mystery - I don't read much mystery. What I do read is mostly Travis McGee by John D. MacDonald and Spenser by Robert B. Parker. Overall the McGee series is better than the Spenser series, but if I had to pick a single favorite book, it would probably be LOOKING FOR RACHEL WALLACE by Robert B. Parker.

Although I am very fond of Robert L. Fish's THE MURDER LEAGUE, too.


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