Someone named Allyson Young posted a nice review of my novel UNIVERSAL MAINTENANCE at Smashwords.  Thanks, Ms. Young.  It's nice to know someone out there is reading my work and enjoying it. 

To answer your question:  no, I'm far from independently wealthy.  But Smashwords makes it so difficult to get into their Premium Catalog now that a great many of my books had fallen out after I'd uploaded new versions, either of the text or the cover, and it just aggravated me, so I made them all free. 

However, now I've gone back and put prices of $4.95 on most of them ($5.95 for TALES OF THE NEBULA, it contains a lot of my best work and is a big thick book, for an ebook), because, well, apparently SOMEBODY likes my work. 

Also, Amazon recently reduced the price of my novel TIME WATCH because it was priced for nothing at another site.  This aggravated me, as they did it without my permission.  So that's another reason to put price stickers back on my books. 

I don't expect that anyone will actually BUY them now, but, whatever. 

But, sincerely... thank you, Ms. Young .  I truly appreciate the review.

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