A beautiful gun

Guy who sits next to me: Look at that. That's a beautiful picture right there.

Me: (looking at his screen, which shows a woman holding a machine gun) What?

GWSNTM: That's a Bushmaster blah blah blah double barrelled blah blah automatic machine gun blah blah blah. Beautiful gun.

Me: And private citizens need to own those why?

GWSNTM: (baffled silence)

Me: Seriously. You or I need one of those why?

GWSNTM: It's... it's a beautiful gun. I used to have one.

Me: And you needed it to...?

GWSNTM: (sullen look)

Me: You needed it in case you went nuts and wanted to go shoot up a school, right?

GWSNTM: Man. You don't even...

Me: Or a movie theater. You needed to have one of those handy in case you lost your mind and decided to come kill me and 20 other people in a movie theater. Right?

I don't think he's going to show me a picture of a beautiful gun again.

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