Lately, I walk into the break room downstairs and somebody is on the TV, pontificating on some steroids scandal in some major league professional sport or other.

Apparently, this is a serious moral issue.

I've given it about as much thought as I can stand to... which is about, I don't know, two minutes worth... and I've decided, I don't care.

I mean, I don't care about sports that much anyway. And I can see how you could get all entangled in this whole libertarian vs "the good of the sport" debate, and yes, I understand that if those in charge of these things just said "What the hell, you're adults, take anything you want to", then this would place enormous pressure on... well... all professional athletes who wish to remain competitive to destroy their health by taking performance enhancers, plus, it kind of ruins the whole spirit of the competition if people are artificially raising their physical capacities through drugs, etc, etc.

And There Need To Be Rules.

But here's my thing: there is no one involved in any of this that isn't there because they want to be. And the league minimum salaries for these major league sports are high enough that anyone who plays a couple of years at any level should be able to sock enough money away to live off comfortably for the rest of their life. And nobody is going to have to take performance enhancers to get through 2 or 3 years in any major league sport.

Hell, there are athletes in every sport that make a cool million a year and they almost never play in any games.

So it's all this huge artificial and ultimately pointless continuum that has been created entirely to make money. Which it does; billions if not trillions of dollars a year, in an era when we can't feed all our people, when millions need work, when we can't keep our infrastructure maintained.

When you want to start taxing the rich motherfuckers who take millions/billions/trillions out of this industry every year, and I mean, seriously taxing the motherfucking SHIT out of these bloated, gluttonous greed-besotted bitches, then I'll be happy to weigh in.

But steroid abuse? Screw it. I don't have the RAM to waste on this nonsense.

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