Sunday, October 06, 2013

The No Comment Zone

This post is in my No Comments Zone! Because I don't CARE what you think!

Women should be slaves to men. That's how God intended it and it is not only wrong but SINFUL to try to live any other way. And young people need to defer to their elders in everything! We know better! About EVERYTHING! Also, if you disagree with me about anything, SHUT UP!!!! If I want your opinion I'll give it to you! Your freedoms end where mine begin and mine begin everywhere so SHUT UP!!!!

Taxes are fascist oppression and nobody should have to pay them! And all the haters and the whiners and the lazy ass looter-moochers and gays should be sent to jail and forced to do hard labor like garbage collecting and cleaning the houses of their betters FOR NOTHING!!!! And if you don't support our troops then you're a filthy traitor and you should be shot or sent to jail and forced to work FOR FREE!!!!

And keep your filthy huge liberal oppressive government interference out of my Social Security and Disability and Medicare!!!!

And if you love the Kenyan socialist Muslim pretender Nobama or that liberal fascist traitor feminazi Hitlery so much why don't you just marry them in a big gay-group marriage ceremony on board a United Nations black helicopter and then have a gay honeymoon stealing all of America's guns and golf courses with your ACORN cohorts!

And if you choose to be gay that's fine but keep it to yourself!!!! Because it's disgusting and decent people shouldn't have to look at that plus what about the kids? Think about someone else for a change you faggots!

Actually it's not fine to be gay it's an affront to GOD and the liberal Supreme Court will burn in hell FOREVER for their homo love!

Remember, this post is in my No Comments Zone! I'm tired of all this discord and argument and disagreement in my comment threads so if you post any comments at all I WILL DELETE THEM!!!! Plus it will just prove that you suck!!!! And are stupid!!!! And have butt face!!!!

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