Derby City Dead


D.A. Madigan, Louisville's Best Local Author (LEO 2011 Reader's Choice), has produced a dozen previous novels of fantasy and science fiction, including

ZAP FORCE ("If you love Silver Age comics, and what decent person doesn't, Darren Madigan has recreated what you love in 'Zap Force.' It's nostalgic, it moves fast, and you can almost see the colored pages as you read. Tons of fun." - Daniel Keys Moran, author of EMERALD EYES, THE LONG RUN, and THE LAST DANCER)

THE FEAR MASTERS ("...a visual, energetic style..." - John DeChancie, bestselling author of CASTLE PERILOUS and SKYRIGGER )

and UNIVERSAL MAINTENANCE (“If you like well written science fiction by an intelligent and talented author this book is for you.” - Allyson Young).

Now for the first time he ventures into the bleakest, blackest reaches of urban horror with DERBY CITY DEAD, the story of a small group of people living in Louisville, Kentucky, who find themselves surrounded and besieged by hordes of screaming flesh eating ghouls, when the dead rise from the grave and begin to attack and devour the living.

As civilization crumbles and Derby City becomes an open urban grave overrun with legions of the hungry damned, a handful of survivors must pull together to endure the unending horror and terror of existence in the empty, death haunted ruins of a once thriving metropolis.

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