In Which The Knight Agency Goes And Fucks Itself

I had completely forgotten that the Knight Agency was on the list of places I sent my DERBY CITY DEAD announcement to.

Until I got this in the ol' email box today, anyway.

* * * * 

Dear Darren:

Thank you so much for allowing our agency to consider your material. Unfortunately, after carefully reviewing your query, we’ve determined that this particular project isn’t the right fit for our agency at this time. As I’m sure you know, the publishing industry changes swiftly now, as do readers’ tastes and trends. As a result, our own agents’ needs shift and change, as well; therefore, we would like to encourage you to consider querying us with future projects as you may deem appropriate.

Again, thank you very much for allowing us this chance to consider your material, and we wish you all the best in your publishing endeavors.

The Knight Agency
Submissions Coordinator

* * * * * *

I responded as follows:

* * * * * * *

No, thank YOU. It was kind of you to take a nanosecond out of your day to reject me absolutely out of hand with no consideration whatsoever. YOU and your great generosity of spirit are the reason why this world is the wonderful place it is, so full of opportunities for anyone with talent and a willingness to work hard. Really. Thank YOU.

* * * * * * * *

You know what? I would honestly rather be ignored than rejected. Especially when I know that if Stephen King had sent them the exact same email, they'd have fallen all over themselves begging for a manuscript. Fuckers.

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