Just because I'm like that

SuperWife just printed out a new hard copy of my HeroClix House Rules for me, so, naturally, I had to sit down today and add six more original Team Abilities --

YOUNG AVENGERS: Prerequisites: Stature, Patriot, Hulkling, Wiccan, Iron Lad When any two members of this TA are adjacent to each other, their controller can roll 1d6. Do the resultant number in clicks of healing to one member of this TA, and the resultant number in clicks of damage to the other member.

STARJAMMERS: Prerequisite – Corsair, Raza, Hepzibah, Majestrix Lilandra, Binary, Havok, Polaris, Jean Grey – If a Starjammer is adjacent to an opponent, any Team Abilities that opponent may have are countered.

NEW WARRIORS: Prerequisites – Kid Nova, Nova, Night Thrasher, Justice, Firestar, Namorita – Any New Warrior may use any power on any adjacent New Warrior’s dial as if it were on their own dial. They may no longer use each other’s powers when they are no longer adjacent.

SHI’AR: Prerequisites - Deathbird, Majestrix Lilandra, Shi’ar Warrior, Shi’ar Borderer, Shi’ar Admiral, Gladiator – Shi’ar ignore the effects of Elevated Terrain, may make close combat attacks on Soaring opponents when in adjacent squares, and do not halve their range values when attacking Soaring opponents.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: Prerequisites – Vance Astro, Vance Astrovik, Aleta, Starhawk, Yondu – When Guardians of the Galaxy are dealt pushing damage, any adjacent opponent is also dealt one unavoidable click of damage.

BADOON: Prerequisites - Badoon Warrior, Badoon Guard, Badoon Commander - Opponents cannot breakaway from any adjacent Badoon. Badoon are considered to qualify for any Feat.

I don’t know why I keep noting this stuff here. It’s not like anyone but Mike Norton ever reads the clix stuff, or cares.

As to new hard copies, it's not really a problem... I can just reprint the Team Abilities section at home.

Assuming, of course, that anyone ever wants to play a game of HeroClix with me again.

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