Nood gews!

So, back on July 15th I got told that the new Astonishing Adventures cyberzine had rejected my short story THE CAPTAIN AND THE QUEEN because it was too long. Not a problem; I immediately submitted my much shorter, yet even more pulpy, tale THE ELDRITCH HORROR FROM BEYOND THE NETHER VOID.

I'd heard as regards CAPTAIN AND THE QUEEN within a matter of days; it occurred to me earlier today that I hadn't heard a thing on ELDRITCH HORROR. So I sent a follow up email, and learned within an hour or so that TEHFBTNV has been accepted for publication in the 'zine's first issue. Apparently, the editor sent me an acceptance notice a few weeks ago, but it bounced, and he did not realize it had bounced, but all is well now.

No money, which is a bummer, but maybe this will lead to something bigger and better, somewhere down the line. At least, John Rogers seems to think so, so, what the fuck.

It's always nice to be wanted, but I have to admit, it's waaaaay nicer to be paid. Still, I'll take any good news I can get, these days.

Hey, entry #6 on the Zero Comment Parade. I'm rollin'!

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