Out with the old, in with the new

Today SuperWife bought me a couple of AVENGERS boosters, and I got a Giant-Man and a Black Panther, which is awesome!

You know what this has to mean to my HeroClix Avengers line up --

I also got a Baron Zemo, an Iron Widow, a Taskmaster, a Patriot, a Gargoyle, and a U.S. Agent. That's the stuff I didn't already have, of which I wanted... erm... ehhhh... well, the completist in me wants ALL the Ultimate figures so okay I'll take an Iron Widow, and all right I can put the new Zemo over with the Thunderbolts, and the new Taskmaster looks pretty good, and U.S. Agent is okay... but the Patriot and Gargoyle are detritus. And I also got an extra Piledriver and Wonder Man, my first duplicates from this set.

And now Super Adorable Kid wants to get on the computer, so I must go.


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