In terms of games I did not (could not) watch, it's been a perfect weekend of football -- the Bucs won (BIG, actually; I don't require big, but it's nice when it happens) and all their division rivals -- New Orleans, Carolina, and Atlanta -- lost badly. (The Falcons lost to the Bucs, which is even sweeter.)

If my childhood favorite Buffalo Bills could somehow eke out a triumph over those shitbird Patriots, this would be a Perfect Football Sunday for me. But, well, we're ten minutes into the first quarter and the Pats are up by two touchdowns and the Bills just got called for a false start -- rrrg. Well, hey, on the bright side, the game is on NBC's Sunday Night Football, so at least I get to watch it.

And, of course, it's a short work week ending in my birthday, and I have SuperWife and the SuperKids, so, honestly, what have I got to complain about? Nuttin', dats what.

Hey, the Bills scored a touchdown. Okay, I guess I better watch this game...

Okay. 6:33 left in the first half, New England is up by 3 touchdowns (28 to 7) and I'm thinking I can probably stop watching now. Ah, well.

"New England is turning every other team in the NFL into the Washington Generals this season."

Maybe someone needs to give the Washington Generals some guns.

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