Idle hands

I want to blog about something, really have nothing in mind, but, still, here I go:

It's my day off from work. The SuperKids are at school, SuperGirlfriend is out single handedly keeping her appallingly badly managed company afloat, and I'm here, type-type-typing away. SG will probably be home for lunch in an hour or so, which will be nice for a while until she has to head back to the grind. Until then, what's up?

Well, it's a dismal looking day outside -- grey and gloomy and drizzly. The temps are up in the low 60s, which would be lovely with a little sun, but in a way, I'm happy to have it look so rotten, as it keeps me from being tempted to go outside in it. Any excuse to stay home on my day off and do indoor stuff involving computers, books, and my X-box is a good excuse, I think.

Let's see. Last weekend we were bored so we took the kids over to a few local, very upscale malls and wandered around a little. One of them had a game shop where I bought a couple of boosters of COLLATERAL DAMAGE. I sat on a bench while SuperGirlfriend and the SuperKids were over checking out Pottery Barn for Kids and opened the first one. There was a tell tale blue clix holder in it, meaning a Unique, so I got all excited, but then it turned out to be the newest version of Eclipso, a character I really can't stand. I've already gotten one, which I traded to Super Dependable Teen after discovering I couldn't give her away on the WK Forum Trading Board without tying a pork chop around her neck. So I shrugged and figured what the hell and now she's on display in my Mystics group. I don't like her and am unlikely to ever play her, but nobody is going to trade me a Kingdom Come Green Lantern for her either, so there she is.

One is supposed to get one Unique per 3 random boosters these days, so I figured I had no chance of pulling one in the second booster. I was pleasantly surprised, then, to open it and see another blue clix case. Still, I cautioned myself against too much joy, figuring it was most likely just another piece I already had and didn't like much, like Jonah Hex or the Crimson Avenger. I pulled it out, peered at it closely through its enveloping plastic, and...

Sonofabitch! ORION!!!

So now I have both New Gods put out in this set, Orion and Kalibak, and I'm pretty happy about that.

We also took a bunch of old DVDs and CDs over to Great Escape and sold them, and I used the money to buy a couple of figs, including an Owlman.

Then, a day or so ago, SuperGirlfriend presented me with a box from Mike Norton. Apparently, she'd bought one of the figs from his recent auctions as a gift for me. I opened it up, and there it was: Adam Strange. Yay! I love SuperGirlfriend. She spoils me rotten, for no good reason at all.

At this point,all I really want further as far as COLLATERAL DAMAGE Uniques go is Dr. Psycho (I'd love to play a Society Board of Directors team, and with Dr. Psycho, I'd have all five members in clix form). There are still several Vets I'd like to get -- Mary Marvel, Manhunter, Monsier Mallah & the Brain, Kyle Rayner, Clayface, Fire, Ice, Red Tornado... enough to make me wistfully think about buying another brick of CD, this one probably from an online shop.

Fortunately, SINISTER isn't coming out until 'summer', so I don't need to worry about sinking money into that for a while. And I can buy a brick at online prices when it does come out, since I have no desire to own the Mail Order Exclusive Venom that I'll need the brick and mortar store coupon to order.

Still haven't sent my House of M Spider-Man off to be replaced as yet. I should do that. I should do it today, since it's my day off. ::sigh::

Well, maybe a little later.

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