No, no, you jugheads!

With Counting Crows belting out "Accidentally in Love" from the Windows Media Player (Super Dependable Teen recently discovered a feature where you can type in any song title and/or performer's name and have a decent chance of a copy of the song start playing; God, I love living in the future), here I am, discovering how easy it is to hate reality shortly after the alarm goes off.

But it gets harder when you're listening to something this damn perky, I grant you.

These lines of lightning mean we're never alone,
never alone, no no
come on, come on, move a little closer
come on, come on, I wanna hear you whisper
come on, come on, settle down inside my love
come on, come on, jump a little higher
come on, come on, feel a little lighter
come on, come on, you were once upon a time in love
accidentally in love...
come on, come on, spin a little tighter
come on, come on, the world's a little brighter
come on, come on, get yourself inside my love...

Yeah, I'm a sap sometimes. Y'all will just have to deal.

I haven't been begging people to go over and vote for me in the the Koufax Awards, mostly because I forgot, and now the first round voting is over, but also because it seems like an exercise in futility, when you have blogs like Kung Fu Monkey, with thousands of readers, hectoring their 'minions' to go vote for them, instead. So, I wound up with one nomination (my own) and one vote (ditto) and I'll settle for that... this year. But next year, if I'm still alive and blogging, expect me to be more on the ball, and begging my three or four readers here to go over there and nominate me for everything conceivable, and then vote for me when they get a chance, too. Because it's all about attention, and I'm as attention starved as anyone.

I'm probably going to declare April an open month here at the blog, and ask all my individual blog members to do at least one guest post. I can't imagine it will help revive the moribund comment threads here even if folks comply, but it seems like something to do that might be vaguely cool.

I have just updated my HeroClix House Rules reasonably extensively, adding one line to the super power Willpower (it will now aid a fig somewhat in fighting off Mind Control attacks) and tossing in quite a bit of new stuff regarding Battlefield Conditions and Feat Cards. At first I was just going to take the opportunity to explain how we do BCs around here, where we use them as random disruptive elements rather than deliberate tactical intrusions, and maybe do a paragraph on how my House Rules have impacted the Feat Card Fortitude. But then I got all wild eyed and crazy and started tweaking several Feat Cards, making much needed changes to Swingline and Taunt, and even trying hard to do something useful with Slippery (I made it a free add on to all Serpent Society members, giving it and them a badly needed little bonus that still won't help all that much).

After thinking hard about it, I left Pounce pretty much alone, which means that it's still useless under my system, where everyone can move and attack anyway.

And that's about it here in the Highlands. Although let me note that everyone who isn't reading and leaving comments at SuperGirlfriend's blog is just plain wrong. My stuff is often pathetic and pointless, I grant you, but she's always worth reading and responding to.

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