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Thursday, January 04, 2007

The deal goes down

So, my advance payment on my Colonel America figure came today. Here's what I got, all in excellent condition:

Thor V #084 (Supernova)
Jack of Hearts U #090 (Supernova)

Four Collateral Damage Boxed LE's:

Jefferson Pierce
Kyle Raynor
Clark Kent
Genegrafted Brain

All the following uniques:

The Atom U #222 (puck)(Cosmic Justice)
Plastic Man U #223 (mailbox)(Cosmic Justice)
Shazam! U #221 (KC)(Unleashed)
Mr Fixit U #094 (Clobberin Time)
Goblin Queen U #094 (Ultimates)
N'astirh U #094 (Mutant Mayhem)
Graviton U #095 (Supernova)

All the following Sinister nons:

Hydra Footsoldier R 0#01
Shield Trooper R #004 x2
Shield Agent V #006 x2
Shadowcat E #038, V #039
Spiderman E #059, V #060
Radioactive Man V #063
Daredevil E #074
Bullseye E #080
Kraven R #082

All the following Supernova nons:

Skrull General V #006
Badoon Commander V #012
Marvel Boy R #028
Bulldozer R #040, E #041
Kang R #046
Kang the Conqueror V #048
Vision R #061, V #063
Mantis V #069
Silver Surfer R # 076
Thor R # 082

Three Supernova cards:


Ultimates Cyclops V
Ultimates Marvel Girl V
Ultimates Colossus V

It goes a long way towards finishing off my want lists from both SINISTER and SUPERNOVA, although there are still niggling holes in the list, like Vet Daredevil and Bullseye from SINISTER, and Vet Bulldozer and Silver Surfer from SUPERNOVA. But other than a Binary and maybe a Thanos (I don't like the SUPERNOVA Thanos fig all that much, but, still...) I now have all the Uniques I want from SUPERNOVA, which is nice.

I didn't pick up any of the Kingdom Come or Ultimates figs I'm still missing, and I was really hoping to get at least one of those, but... hey. I did pretty well. I'm okay with it.

The Colonel America with monster card goes out in the mail tomorrow. Hurray for hideously lopsided collectibles trades!

Oh, and if anyone out there is looking for an Atom LE, let me know.


At 9:09 AM , Blogger MJ Norton said...

Ah! An excellent trade. I'm glad you went with that one. That's some considerable filling out of the sets, and some solid pieces.

Remember that the E Spider-man from Sinister is officially a Transporter, even though they neglected to put the symbol on his base; I'm not sure what impact that will have on him under your house rules, but I wanted to at least mention it.

The dim but only rumor I've been catching concerning Origin and a possible repeat of ultra-rare chase pieces is possibly 5 core figures from Darwyn Cooke's New Frontier, though I'm uncertain where that rumor was started. If they're going to continue ultra-rare pieces I'm hoping they'll stick to things such as these, where it would be fun to have them but where I'm neither determined to get them nor would be so fixed on keeping them that I wouldn't look at trade opportunities.

Come to think of it, I'm still sitting on, so to speak, a zombie Wolverine. Maybe I should pull together a list of items I'm looking for and see what offers I get. Getting up sufficient interest to do it appears to be the trick.

At 9:20 AM , Blogger Highlander said...

My suggestion would be, log into the WK forums, take a look at my zombie trade thread (QuentinHarderman) and PM everybody that showed an interest advising them you have a zombie Wolverine. Chances are, you'll get some lively offers.

I can't BELIEVE I didn't get a single Ultimates or KC fig out of it... but, still... I did pretty well. Sad to mail out my zombie, though.


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