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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Get a life

Another deathiversary. 14 years, and Jeff has yet to be cloned by anyone, raised in an occult ceremony giving him demoniacal powers so he can seek out lawbreakers, or had his death revealed to have been an elaborate hoax so he could go undercover and fight the Illuminati.

I guess he's just, y'know, dead.

I hate that. Especially this year, when I'm getting married. I very much wish he could be there.

SuperFiancee, with the sensitivity and thoughtfulness that is very much an essential part of her character, suggested that we put something on our wedding song list for Jeff. Obviously, the first choice there is "Don't Fear The Reaper", a gruesomely apt song, given the givens. But it's not one that will work at a wedding. After some thought, I've suggested substituting "Death Valley Nights". Nearly all of the good BOC love songs are strange and twisted; this one may be the least so. Anyway, she can't recall hearing it, so I'll play it for her at some point in the future and we'll see.

I'm inserting this item retroactively. Between mandatory overtime and the upcoming wedding and all the other uproar that is my life right now (and, for the most part, from now on) I completely failed to note the anniversary when it went on by almost a month ago.

I guess that's okay. I guess I have to move on.

I still miss you, though, big guy.


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