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Friday, January 26, 2007

Everything, all the time

...well, Blogger finally stopped screwing around and forced me to bring my poli-blog into the new, Beta format today. When it did, I got a pleasant surprise... it let me use my Google email account to do it, so now, all my blogger sites are linked together on one dashboard. Which is very handy; all I need to do is log into my email and hit a link, then hit another one, and I can pick which of my blogs I want to edit, moderate, or post to at any given time.

Very nice.

It's the kick off of a three day weekend for me, and while I know it will hurtle by at hypersonic speed, and within what will seem like subjective minutes, I'll be staring blearily at early Sunday evening and trying to battle the waves of palpable dread rising up through my thalmic system at the thought of work on Monday, still, I'll try to enjoy this moment as I have it.

Back on Monday of this week, I was staring into an emotional black hole, having no clear idea how I was going to make it through four back to back 12 hour shifts in a call center where no matter how bad things seem at any given time, management always manages to find a way to make them worse. I still have no idea how I did it, and to be fair, I was very nearly fired yesterday so I very nearly didn't... but here I am, with a Friday off and two more days of no work ahead of me, and I guess I'll just have to take my little victories where I find them.

An interesting thing I discovered this week -- the guy who runs our Call Center, whom I'll call Rick although that's not his name, and whom I pretty much loathe entirely based only on (a) his spectacularly shitty management decisions, (b) his even more spectacularly shitty attitude towards the well being of the employees he's in charge of, and (c) the fact that he's a gigantic gaping assneck of truly epic proportions... is a realtor on the side.

I found this out when I discovered one of his business cards laying on a filing cabinet in the hallway leading to the downstairs bathrooms. There he is, big as un-life in a small color photograph, looking almost exactly like the incompetent former boss in the SALLY FORTH comic strip, with that giant shiteating grin on his face he always has unless, you know, he's just been told that one of his wage slaves can't work the full 12 hour shift he demands of him or her, seeming to stare at you with an expression that says "Say there, fella, I can buy the ground you're standing on and have you torn down".

At first I thought it was a business card for our mutual employer, but no, it's a real estate company wallet-ticket, and when you turn it over, on the back you find printed:

Fine Properties Collection

I mean, Jesus Christ, could this guy be a bigger Republican? Or, you know, a bigger nuthole in general?

Today it's an endless cavalcade of wedding errands, which will be enjoyable because I'll be doing them with SuperFiancee, and tonight, we get to rent movies and watch them at home with popcorn and candy, due to the exceedingly thoughtful and generous Christmas present (a Blockbuster gift package we get in the mail once a month for the next three months) we got from my brother Pat and his family.

Then the SuperKids head off to their bio-dad's for the weekend, and SuperFiancee and I get to work on wedding invitations, do a lot of [sex scene deleted], and I may find some time to work on a particular writing project I've been puttering around with for a while now, which eventually, all of you may get a chance to read and provide me with feedback on, prior to me submitting it to an actual publisher.

And then, y'know, back to work. But not for two and 2/3s more days! Yippee!

On a final note, if you aren't reading SuperFiancee's blog every day and leaving her interesting comments, I don't know you and you can't come to the wedding and your father smelt of elderberries.


At 12:18 PM , Blogger Tony Collett said...

I resemble that remark.
My father was a hampster and my mother smelled of elderberries.
And if you taunt me a second time, I'll come down there and hurt you. I'll stomp on all your Heroclix.

At 12:43 PM , Blogger MJ Norton said...

Yeah, blogger finally caught up with the rest of us, it seems by Friday. I was happy to see it finally come through after months of teasers every time I'd log in, telling me they're ready for the switch only to tell me they're not once I tried. I haven't done anything more with it than the labels so far, but I'll be interested in seeing what else the new format offers.

I hope the puffed-up weekend's going well for you. Always too short and ever so fast, but you're in the best of company.


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