A last blast of Christmas

Our long awaited yuletide package from the Always Esteemed Scott arrived today, giving all of us here one last very welcome hit of Merry-Merry before we tuck and fold away the holidays for yet another orbital cycle. Here's what we got:

Me - two burned Barenaked Ladies CDs and three books by Dave Duncan, which promptly went on the newly refurbished In Stack

Tammy - a cookbook

Super Drama Teen - some anime movie she was very happy to get

Super Dependable Teen - a small metal statue of Boba Fett she promptly swooned over

Super Adorable Kid - a ballerina doll that has been cheerfully accepted into the posse of ballerina dolls that already lives on her bed

We all thank you hugely, Scott, and I myself hope you and your son are getting some enjoyment out of the Box o' Clix I sent your way.

Merry Christmas -- for the last time until next December!

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