Heroic ending

I’d planned on buying the Season 1 DVD set of Heroes as soon as it hit the market (currently, it's set to release in August). But our household economy has seen a few bumps lately, and there's no money for things like that at the moment, and I think I’m glad. It will probably be best to let Season 1 meld and simmer in imperfect memory until it becomes a garish but somewhat vague mythology, a lengthy flashback of a classic origin sequence in a comic that came out before I was born and that is now so valuable I’ve never managed to actually read it.

This way, I’ll pretty much know how the team that will inevitably come together in Season 2 got its start, and who the characters are, and what their interrelationships are like, but if I never go back and actually watch the old episodes again, the healing hand of time may well spare me the pain of re-experiencing all the goddam idiotic plot flaws, which exist by the bushel basketful.

If Nikki becomes just a superstrong asskicker with no mean, amoral killer of a split personality that she needs to manifest to tap into her powers, though, she’s going to be a VERY boring character.

Peter should be dead, simply because he’s way too powerful. Had he not been around, the writers might have given us a climactic battle in which all the other heroes had to somehow work cooperatively to mesh their powers in some way that would overcome the far more puissant Sylar. As it was, they all showed up, and Sylar glared at them, and they all wilted like dandelions. It was depressing, and pretty stupid, too.

And, I’m sorry, Sylar is too good a villain to lose. He shouldn’t be in every story, no. But he’s integral to the origin of The Inevitable Superteam, and should be their Recurring Arch Enemy, and whenever he does show up, he should scare the living shit out everybody.

Linderman should come back, too, but we should shouldn’t know about it until the end of the second season, when he’s revealed as the secret mastermind behind The Inevitable Superteam.

If Peter is dead, Nathan could come back, which would be cool; of all the regular characters, he's the one who has undergone the most interesting arc this season. Which is another reason Peter SHOULD be dead; otherwise, all the other ‘Heroes’ are pretty much redundant. Especially a guy whose only power is flight.

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