These little wonders

Things are stressful right now. There's stuff SuperWife and I aren't blogging about... not life, nor even marriage, threatening stuff, but, still... we're going through some things right now, and these things are undoubtedly my responsibility and my fault, and due to that, there have been many distinct moments lately when I've been disappointed in myself, when I've felt that SuperWife and the SuperKids were disappointed in me, when I've felt inadequate and full of doubt and unsure and a little bit depressed.

And then SuperWife is going through my 7 year old stepdaughter's school backpack to make sure all her homework is done before school tomorrow, and she kind of chuckles and hands me something:

We'll get through it.

Everything will be fine.

(The Baby's actual signature blurred and pseudonym provided by me, to protect the innocent.)

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