If wishes were HeroClix, BUFFY would have its own set...

So, here's something I posted over at the WK site yesterday. Everyone over there is ignoring it, so I thought I'd give you pitiful few people who read this nonsense a chance to ignore it here as well:

You know there should be a set devoted to BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. And I suppose it should be HorrorClix, but I would prefer it was HeroClix, for the good and simple reason that I don't play HorrorClix. Also, the general quality of the sculpts for HeroClix is much higher, and I'd prefer to see good sculpts on a BUFFY set.

I'm not going to go into specific dial designs, since I've never been clear on how to format a dial design in text. Obviously, the characters would be lower point cost than is normal for HeroClix... even Veteran Slayers would probably not cost out at much more than 100 points. (I suppose there are a few monsters and elder demons that might get expensive.)

I haven't quite figured out the new 'no REVs' policy. Buffy Summers herself, it seems to me, should definitely have a REV, a Unique (from the seventh season, with that magical axe/scythe thing in her hands, maybe) and a "Buffy Anne Summers" LE, most likely. I guess we could live without a REV of Willow (who only gets interesting once she's an accomplished witch, for the most part) and we could represent Xander with, say, an Experienced (before he got fat, when he was still vaguely competent) and maybe a Unique with the eye patch (and bulky upper torso garments). But a lot of characters from BUFFY seem to me to need REVs. Still, REV or no REV, I think a good BUFFY set should include the following figures:

(warning: only truly insanely fanatical BUFFY geeks will have a hope of grokking most, much less all, of these suggested figures)

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Unique (with axe) (Slayer TA)
2. Buffy Summers, E (from around the fourth season) (Slayer TA)
3. Willow V (Magic TA)
4. Xander E (no TA)
5. Willow U (Undead TA)(from alternate universe)
6. Xander U (Undead TA)(from alternate universe)
7. Oz (werewolf form) (Demon TA)
8. Anyanka U (Demon TA)
9. Gentlemen U
10. Faith E (Demon TA)
11. Faith U (Slayer TA)
12. Giles (Watcher TA)
13. The Master U (Undead TA)
14. Angel R (Demon TA)
15. Angel U (Undead TA? Slayer TA?)
16. Spike (Undead TA)
17. Dru (Undead TA)
18. Darla (Undead TA)
19. Kendra R (Slayer TA)
20. Nikki Wood V (Slayer TA)
21. Tara R (Magic TA)
22. Riley Finn E (Initiative TA) (Super Strength)
23. Glory U (Hellgod TA)
24. Mayor U (Big figure)
25. Harmony E (Undead TA)
26. Wesley R (Watcher TA)
27. Moloch the Corruptor U (Demon TA/Robot TA)
28. Marcie Ross R (Stealth)
29. Ethan Rayne E (Magic TA)
30. Jonathan U (Superstar TA)
31. Jonathan V (Trio TA)
32. Warren V (orb powered, Trio TA)
33. Ted U (Robot TA)
34. April U (Robot TA)
35. The Judge U (Demon TA)
36. Kindestod U (Demon TA)
37. Initiative Soldier E (Initiative TA)
38. Mr. Trick U (Undead TA)
39. Kakistos U (Demon TA)
40. Lyle Gorch U (Undead TA)
41. Gwendolyn Post U (w/Glove of Minos) (Watcher TA)
42. Zachary Kralik U (Undead TA)
43. Sunday U (Undead TA)
44. Veruca U (Werewolf form, Demon TA)
45. Giles U (Fyarl demon) (Demon TA)
46. Adam U (Initiative TA)
47. Olaf the Troll (no TA)
48. Caleb U
49. turlikan (the vampire that vampires fear) U (Undead TA)
50. Balthazar U (Demon TA)
51. Buffybot U (Robot TA)
52. Harbingers (minions of First Evil) V
53. Knight of Byzantium R
54. Knight of Byzantium E
55. Minion of Glory E (Demon TA)
56. Minion of Glory R (Demon TA)
57. Vampire Minion R (Undead TA)
58. Vampire Minion E (Undead TA)
59. Vampire Minion (Luke) V (Undead TA)
60. Sid the Dummy U


Jesse (Undead TA)
Principal Snyder
Jenny Calendar
Cain the Werewolf Hunter
Maggy Walsh (Initiative TA)
Joyce Summers
Dawn Summers
Cordelia Chase
Oz (human form)
Cheese Guy
Andrew (Trio TA)
Amy (rat) (Magic TA)

As to the TAs, I’d keep them simple – something like –

Slayer – Damage from figures with this TA cannot be reduced below 1 when they are fighting Undead. Slayers are considered to have Super Strength on every click. (This allows giving Slayers other Attack powers beside SS, which they should always have.)

Undead – Reduce all damage done by 1, except from Slayers. Undead are considered to have Super Strength on every click. (Same reasoning as Slayers.)

Demon – This TA adds 1 to all attack rolls against other TAs, and 1 to all damage done to other Demons. (Demons hate everybody, especially other Demons.)

Watcher – Members of this TA are considered to have Outwit on every click. (This allows Watchers to have Leadership, Perplex, and Probability Control without sacrificing Outwit.)

Magic – Members of this TA add 1 to any damage done by missile fire for any adjacent friendly character, and qualify for any Feat Card.

Robot – Reduce all damage done by 1, do not take pushing damage.

Trio – members of this TA have Probability Control when adjacent to each other. (Otherwise they’d never survive.)

Initiative – SHIELD TA

Hellgod – Before dealing damage to a Hellgod, roll 1d6 and reduce damage done by that amount.

Superstar - the Unique Jonathan may roll any dice for any purpose twice and choose which roll applies, and may make any attacks that target him reroll.

I know, I know, BUFFY is an owned property and apparently, there isn't any interest on the part of WK, or Joss Whedon, or whoever owns the rights to the franchise, to do a clix expansion. But I'd love to see one.

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