Plague tent

I've been sick since Saturday -- most likely, since Friday, when our weather momentarily dipped back down towards freezing and caught me walking out without a coat. But I didn't start showing symptoms until Saturday. Saturday night seemed the worst -- I was so full of snot I couldn't breathe well enough to sleep -- but Sunday I seemed to be on the mend enough that after skipping a showing of MEET THE ROBINSONS that SuperWife and the SuperKids all attended, I felt well enough to go with them to the Derby Chow Wagon downtown. It was kinda fun, but probably overtaxing. Monday saw me worsening again, even though I'd gone into work; whatever it was had spread from my head to my chest, and I was coughing up a lot of phlegm in addition to having blocked sinuses. So SuperWife got our doc to phone me over a prescription for a Z-pack (a week's dose of zithromyacin, SuperWife's favorite anodyne for infectious shit of all sorts).

Now I seem to be mending again -- still stuffy, still a slight cough, but obviously improving -- but she's come down with the same crap, at about triple intensity -- hacking, sniffling, wheezing in a way I really don't like one little bit, unable to sleep all last night, in obvious pain whenever she coughs one of those deep, racking coughs. So I'm home today taking care of her, and we're headed over to the doctor's this afternoon.

SuperWife is pretty miserable right now, which makes me feel crappy too as there is little I can do for her except try to make things as comfortable and convenient for her as I can. We're re-watching DEADWOOD (we're up to ep 5, Season 2) to pass the time until her appointment, and I'm trying to hold a good thought. (I can't help it; as an old time Stephen King fan, whenever I experience shit like this, I cannot help but wonder if this time it really is the superflu and the world isn't on the brink of global bacteriological apocalypse.)

Any of the rest of you with positive energy or well wishes to spare, we could use all you got handy.

UPDATE: One trip to the doctor later, we are cranked up with the SERIOUS meds. I'm not just talking your run of the mill, namby pamby, pussified prescription meds, I'm talking IV strength antibiotics, the megablast lungshit killing inhaler, and codeine laced cough syrup. SuperWife seems to be more comfortable and is, hopefully, on the mend. Her being more comfortable means I'm more comfortable, too, so, for now, I'm hopeful.

Thanks to Nate and Laurie for the kind thoughts and good wishes. I am, on that non-intellectual level most people use for religion, certain that they helped in some discernable way.

In other good news, Super Drama Teen started her very first job tonight, and seems to have enjoyed it and done well. Super Dependable Teen's potential romantic crisis seems to have, at least for the moment, blown over, and Super Adorable Kid got to go out for ice cream tonight with her aunt, cousin, and grandparents, so she's doin' fine, too.

Also, I bought myself a few Magic cards tonight and got me a Gauntlet of Power. Wh00t!

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