Baby steps

Jim Henley points me to this, over on John Cole's blog:

Like Henley (and most if not all of his commenters) I originally saw this on a big screen, as well -- we showed it as an intro to something (I'm going to imagine either BAMBI itself or some Japanese monster movie) back when I was a member of Syracuse University's University Union Film Board. Glory days indeed. I agree with Henley also; it loses something on the small You Tube screen... but, probably, it also loses something because it's just not as funny after you know what's coming.

Hard for me to believe, though, that so few people nowadays have seen or even heard of this. This short, and HARDWARE WARS, were very well known among college age kids twenty, twenty five years ago...

Jesus. Type it all at once like that, it's like getting hit between the eyes with a ballpeen hammer -- BAM!

Where do I file a complaint for my stolen youth?

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