Super Adorable Birthdays

Today is Super Adorable Kid's 8th birthday. How time flies when you're having fun.

On days like today, one of the observations SuperWife made back when I first moved here come back to me. She said "By the time Amy grows up, she won't remember a time when you weren't here". She was delighted by that, and I have to say, the prospect pleases me enormously, too.

Our birthday surprise for Super Adorable Kid went off like a charm. We'd told her we were taking her to Build A Bear, and we will, eventually. But today, she got taken off to a nearby skating rink instead, where she was agreeably shocked to find an entire horde of her school friends and relatives, many from out of town, waiting to celebrate her big day with her. Several of SuperWife's more distant family made it in for the Big Birthday Extravaganza, and a few of mine managed the long trip, too. The HAPPY BIRTHDAY ice cream cake was nearly the size of a basketball court, but was worth every penny, as were the jugglers, mandolin players, clowns, and go-go dancers in BRATZ costumes.

SuperAdorable Kid had a wonderful time, and for what it's worth, I did, too.

In bummer news, the Bucs stepped on their johnsons so hard and so long today I'm sure they're all being treated right now for cleatmarks on their scrotums. After one good drive early on, the boys in pewter packed it in for the day, apparently deciding that as long as they were just going to get spanked by the Patriots eventually, they might as well get started on their post seasons tans sooner rather than later. It was a shitty, shitty game, made better only by the thought of exactly how bad a beating the terminally mediocre Giants are going to take next week at the hands of the Cowboys, or, if astonishingly good luck remains with them that long, then the week after, at the hands of the the Packers.

None of it really matters, since this year's NFC Champion is foredoomed to destruction at the hands of the vile and unconscionable Patriots.

Still, never mind all of that. It's Super Adorable Kid's 8th birthday, and that is all that matters.

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