Wish list

Recent events will keep us cash strapped for a while, but just to have all these in one place:

Mark Evanier's forthcoming book on Jack Kirby
-- this looks like a must read for Kirby fans.

OMAC (the REAL one)!!!! Can't wait to grab this up. I think there are at least two issues I still haven't read yet.

And rounding out my Must Have -- SOON list, the latest volume of Last Boy On Earth -- in COLOR, no less. I'd buy a KAMANDI SHOWCASE edition, mind you, but if I can get all the Kirby stuff reprinted in big glossy color, that's all right with me.

If you don't understand why I want all this stuff so much, never mind, because you never will. Either you dig Kirby (and especially OMAC and Kamandi) or it's all just beyond your grasp. I suppose it helps to read these things for the first time in early adolescence, though.

In addition, I'm going to be looking into acquiring the following at some point:

Steve Stirling's new book will doubtless be as good as its predecessors in the Emberverse.

This Kim Newman volume looks interesting
, as well.

And then there's this, which I'd love to read -- Snyder's BLACK AND BLUE MAGIC is a childhood favorite of mine (I now own a copy after many many years of wanting one thanks to the wonderfulness of SuperWife) and this trilogy sounds fabulous.

The last of the Fall of Il-Rien trilogy by Barbara "Martha Wells" Hambly (I know, nobody else in the world believes Wells is a pseud of Hambly's, but I know it's true, dammit)...

Lois McMaster Bujold has several (I think, like, at least seven) gothic romance/fantasies out that someday I'll want to read (romance fantasies don't bother me; Anne McCaffrey's RESTOREE is a pretty blatant Harlequin Romance In Space, and it's probably my favorite book by her ever), but there's no rush. Now, if she'd ever write another Vorkosigan book, I'd wade through hot lava to get it, but I don't feel that kind of urgency for anything else she puts out.

Also, there's this collection of the JLA half of the recent Lightning Saga. Oddly, I can't find the JSA half anywhere, but I want that too, probably even more than the JLA volume.

And then there's The Sinestro War, Volumes 1 and 2

There is also apparently something by Ron Marz called TALES OF THE SINESTRO CORPS which I would most likely use one corner of to blind myself with before I'd ever read the frickin thing. As a general rule, anything that says 'Ron Marz' on it anywhere is not something I'd ever want to own, unless I badly badly need fuel to start a bonfire with.

I can't believe I have no real interest in this. I suppose it's just fear. If anyone could make KINGDOM COME work well, it would be Johns, and I don't think I'm ready for that. More than that, though, I just can't stand the thought of Johns' JSA interacting with that godawful Waid concept. Bleeeaaaaahhhhh.

In other news, George R.R. Martin told us a year ago that the next time he updated his ICE AND FIRE UPDATE page, it would be to tell us the book was done. So a few weeks ago I checked it, expecting nothing, and sonofabitch, he'd updated it. Dare I hope..? Noooooooo. As with all other assurances, Martin proves faithless on this one as well. He just HAD to do another update, and in this one, he sez he's hoping to have A DANCE WITH DRAGONS done by the end of the summer. Ah ha ho ha ha ho ha hee! That's rich. To show his bonafides, he's finally posted a new preview chapter... this one featuring Jon Snow. And it's tasty indeed. But anyone who thinks this series is ever going to be finished is seriously delusional. And I still mean what I said before; Martin has jacked me around too much for me to ever be willing to give him another penny of my money, ever again. Should another Ice and Fire installment ever come out, I will read it... after I get it out of the library.

And that's the facts, jack.

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