His object tokens all sublime

Scipio, who blogs over at The Absorbascon, is one helluva fine and funny writer. He hates Hal Jordan and loves Kyle Rayner entirely too much for me to fully respect him as a comics fan, but in addition to being a creative guy, a witty fellow, and a very articulate proseator, he's also a damned fine graphic artist and an excellent game designer. As one can see, when one bears witness to the brilliantly designed, all original Object Tokens he's posted to his blog, specifically the Green Lantern Power Battery, on your left, and the perhaps even cooler (because they're a REV, how cool is that?) Mr. Terrific's T-spheres (pictured below).

There are some special rules governing both sets of Objects to be found in Scipio's original posts, here and here.

Scipio is always well worth reading anyway, even if he does go on and on and on about Kyle Rayner's butt and Hal Jordan hitting his head against blunt objects entirely more than can be accounted for within any rational definition of sanity or reason.

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