...I've caught a case of troll-itis, so I've had to reactivate 'comment moderation' for a while. I know it's aggravating, but, well, it's been made necessary by some numbnuts shit for brains who simply doesn't have enough self respect to stay out of places where they're neither invited nor wanted.

I suspect it's the man-child formerly known as Lord Corwin of Amber, and/or Gandalf the Grey, and the reason he won't sign even one of those names is that he sent me an email a while back telling me he was done with bugging me, and now he's unwilling to admit in public that he's a lying turd, as well as a gutless, pointless, loveless, desperate for attention one.

Whatever the case, comment moderation will stay up as long as it needs to.

In one of the many many many gnatlike, hissing, venomous little hate notes this skulking comment thread molester has posted over the past afternoon, he threatened to start posting his comments to other blogs as well... which would probably mean, he'll post them to any blogs that belong to my more friendly commenters. So, if any of you should catch troll-itis from this blog, well, I express my regrets.

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