You're not foolin' anyone, you know

What it says.

I still miss Jeff, not just every day, but several times a day. Many things still bring him immediately to mind.

I think, if he were still alive, he might have gotten through the rocky emotional shoals of early adulthood by now and achieved something close to contentment.

Perhaps even serenity. (I know he'd have liked the movie; he liked bad SF a lot.)

Or he might still be miserable, bitter, and filled with rage at a world that never appreciated him the way he deserved.

But, at least he'd be.

Go here to see some of his art, and here to see a lot more of it.

To meet the man himself, just hop in your time machine and set it for any date prior to January 13, 1993. Take a six pack, and a video of your favorite bad movie, or, better still, a DVD of it, along with a DVD player. Jeff would enjoy that.

Let me know when you're leaving. I'd like to go along.

(The artwork isn't even remotely safe for work, so, as always, exercise all due diligence.)

If anyone out there hates me but checks out the artwork and would like to praise Jeff on their blogs, it's okay. I won't take it personally.

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