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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hey --

Apparently, there are some people out there who can't grasp an obvious causal relationship. So:

This is my blog. I write what you read here. If you have a problem with what I write here, or with anything else I do, for that matter, well, it's like Mel Gibson says in THE ROAD WARRIOR -- you talk to me.

Comments posted to my blog will be copied automatically to my email. I may choose not to post them publicly; that's my privilege, but I will read them. I may not respond to them. Or, I may post them and write a blog entry about them. That's also my privilege, and it's the chance you take when you get pissy with me, and it's even more the chance you take when you get pissy with SuperFiancee or talk shit about any of the SuperKids.

Beyond that, I will simply say that I find it very ironic to be accused of lying by someone who is furious about something she read on a blog that she has repeatedly promised she isn't going to read any more.


At 12:09 AM , Blogger AaA said...

Ironic... yeah, that's a word for it.

Another might be disingenuous.

Still more might include: deceitful, lying, evasive, deceptive, dishonest, hypocritical, or even two-faced.

Some people ought to keep in mind the old adage: 'Don't ask questions you don't want answered.'

At 10:35 AM , Anonymous The Aberrant Eye said...

I find it very ironic to be accused of lying by someone who is furious about something she read on a blog that she has repeatedly promised she isn't going to read any more.

Heck, I had better sense than to cop to reading your (old) blog after I very publicly washed my hands of you back in '03. (I checked once that I can recall, maybe other times, mostly out of a sense of morbid curiosity.)

I'm reading the new one because you're not quite the same guy who called me an "avid raving drooling pinhead" back then; certainly, you're not the same guy who expressed the hope that the long silence on my then-blog was because I'd committed suicide. Also, I'm back because I've matured enough to realize that the characterization was accurate.

I was avid, raving and drooling about those books back then, and I was a pinhead about your reaction to my liking the books. I could've put myself through a cooldown period before I replied to your email, long enough to let me make a mature reply. Instead, I got pissy with you, and I'm genuinely sorry that I let your goring of one of my own oxen get to me.

I believed you when you said it doesn't matter who I was, but it matters to me. That's why I started to out myself, and it's why I'm finishing the job. Like Spider Robinson with his infamous review of L. Sprague de Camp's bio of Lovecraft, I can't unsay what I said, or honestly claim that I didn't mean it when I wrote it. All I can say is that I don't mean it anymore, I was a horse's ass, and I'm trying to be a better person.

Austin Loomis
formerly of the Slack Shack

At 10:37 AM , Blogger Opus P. Penguin said...

Yeah. What he said.

A few more might be passive-aggressive, sneaky, cowardly, cruel and out-and-out rude.

Shall I get out my thesaurus and find some more?

At 12:29 PM , Blogger Highlander said...


It's important to recall, I suppose, that by writing 'A little respect' I broke one of my cardinal rules -- I wrote angry. Angry communications with other people never work. But, as I've said elsewhere (I think) nothing so far has 'worked' with these two people; when we've been civil, pleasant, and welcoming to them, what we've gotten back is lies, deceit, insults, venom, rage, and broken promises. Posting how I really feel about how they really behave isn't going to make any of that better, but it sure felt cathartic.

However, people should bear in mind, I posted in anger, and reserve judgement until when and if you have your own experiences with these folk to go on. Obviously, I'm not objective.


Oddly, I was just over to your old blog the other day... an ego search had turned up all the old crap we used to say about each other, and I was thinking maybe I'd been a bit too hard on you, or at least, nastier than I myself like to be regardless of whether it was justified or not (and I don't know if it was, but behavior like mine at that point, about something someone has written on the Internet, usually isn't). I hadn't thought you were 'the Aberrant Eye', though. I'd thought you might be one or two other people, but I hadn't considered my old buddy Tuxedo Slack.

I was rather too hard on you back then. It was pre-Tammy. I'm a better man now. Although not when people are calling my future stepdaughters liars and whores. That will still set me right off.

I'll send you an invite to join the blog if you like; that way you can post comments without being moderated. Email me with your email addy if you want to do that (you can go to any number of my pages to find mine).


Thanks for the kind and supportive words. Nice to see you over here again. I know I haven't been much of a presence on your blog of late; but, well, I can't comment on NASCAR and hope to keep us both friends afterward... ::grin::

At 1:17 PM , Anonymous The Aberrant Eye said...

It's okay. Neither one of us exactly covered himself in glory, but in retrospect, I was the one who started escalating. Like I said in my last, I could have waited until I wasn't stinging from your swipe at my HP-love (I still like the books, and I'm glad they're getting kids to read, but I'm no longer as enraptured with them as I was when Book 5 was just out). I could've pointed out that the authors I listed (still list, as I don't think I've updated it) as my favorites are not the total set of authors I like (I tried that late in the feud, but by that time, we weren't really listening to each other). I could've said something like "Why hate the books based on their fans, when you can read them and discover real reasons to hate them?" (A guy called Mike Smith did this on his LJ last year when Book 6 came out, and even though I like the books, it was a hoot to read, and I had to concede a lot of his points. If the SuperKids have gotten you to read them, that's good; if they haven't, nothing I can say will change matters.)

In any case, you're a better man now, and I'm trying to be one too. You've got the SuperFamily; I've got a pill that quells the lightning in my head; we're both working on building better lives. Hell, you're probably working harder than I, at this point.

And at this point, I don't mind being moderated. It helps me remember to moderate myself. 8-)


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