Martian refusal

Okay. So, I was going to try very hard to finish uploading all my Martian Vision articles to the new Martian Vision blog/site this weekend, since the kids went to their dad's house on Saturday.

Ran into a problem Friday night -- I couldn't successfully upload anything. Blogger would say it was loading, get to 80% or 90%, and then in big red letters would flash up THERE WERE ERRORS.

When I clicked for more information, I was just told to contact Blogger Help.

So I did that, and got no response, and the weekend is fleeting, so I set up an entirely new page and started uploading to that. And got about fifteen articles up there (it's at, if you want to check it out) and then suddenly that site started doing the same damn thing as the first site.


So, that isn't going to get finished any time soon, it appears. My apologies.

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