Suddenly... Bane!

Like all good supervillains, just when you're sure he's dead (although you haven't actually seen a body), he pops back up.

Last Sunday, SuperFiancee and I were sitting at the kitchen table playing Magic when someone came pounding on our back door. Usually when this happens, it's one of the residents of our big converted house's other three apartments, wanting to ask a favor or bitch about the limited parking behind the house or something like that. Or it could be SuperFiancee's dad, who sometimes parks out back and comes up the back steps.

So this time, expecting nothing more than one of those options, I glanced up from my cards and saw... the gigantic, grinning head of Bane, peering in through the window beside the door!

So we let him in. Turned out, he'd lost our phone number, and he never answers his phone unless he sees someone he recognizes on the caller ID, and when I called from our home, he hadn't remembered SuperFiancee's real name (and she has the phone in her name).

So. Not dead, after all.

The visit itself was very pleasant, but honestly, there's nothing much to write about here. He didn't want to play HeroClix or learn to play Magic, so we hung out, chatted, made one trip over to Great Escape, where I picked up the latest issue of 52 and a booster of Magic cards for SuperFiancee and two Sinister boosters for me (which yielded up, along with the usual detritus, a flying jet packed SHIELD Agent and a Unique Ka-Zar, so I was content). We talked about comics we liked and didn't like, and Bane mentioned his life's ambition to collect every issue of Batman ever published, I suppose so he can ardently study every move the Caped Crusader has ever made in order to be better prepared for their next encounter.

I figured the kids would enjoy seeing him, so I invited him to stay for dinner, because I foolishly thought we had plenty of food. This necessitated in SuperFiancee running out to Kroger's for more fish (we had a big fish fry Sunday night), which makes me a bad, inconsiderate Highlander indeed. But the SuperKids all enjoyed having Bane around (SuperAdorable Kid especially seems fascinated by having a real life giant in the house), as did SuperFiancee and I. And, as always, SuperFiancee did me proud, acting the gracious hostess and once again displaying the extraordinary culinary prowess that makes me believe River City would vastly benefit from her opening her own restaurant.

Hopefully, Bruce will understand us giving shelter and comfort to his enemy. Otherwise, I may have to polish up the ol' ancient katana, and show him yet again why there can be only one.

Bane and I exchanged email addresses this time around, and he even now has this blog URL, so hopefully we won't become such strangers again.

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