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Hellish last week at work, what with 4th of July basically giving us two Mondays worth of call volume… Monday we got about our usual Monday load, which should have been far, far worse, given that 8 of our clients had closed out on Friday, June 31, but most of their participants thought we were closed; Wednesday we got the usual post holiday crush, greatly amplified by that major Friday close out, and amplified yet again by most of the participants who would have called us Monday calling us Wednesday instead. Thursday was better, but, you know, only by comparison. I was ready for my three day weekend.

The 4th itself… honestly, it was a quiet day. Rainy, so I moved the backyard grille up onto our very small back porch and did the rib-eyes there. We ate inside, played a little Magic: the Gathering, tried to watch the Tuesday re-broadcast of Sunday’s DEADWOOD and were yawning so hard by quarter of 10 that we went to bed. Or, rather, SuperFiance went to bed; SuperDrama Teen was off at a 4th party with her Significant Asian, so I waited up to make sure she made her 11 o’clock curfew. Which she did; she’s been very reliable in getting back on time ever since she started dating this girl, and it’s one of the reasons why we’ve been pretty happy with the relationship.

The rest of the week is mostly a blur.

This last weekend… well, SuperFiance has already written that up on her blog, and done a better job than I’d do, so you should go check that out. For myself, I’ll confine myself to random moments --

*** Good company is always pleasant, but having a great many people around is not something I’m used to, so I probably wasn’t particularly affable or charming. If so (and I’m very poor at seeing myself the way others see me) then I owe our guests an apology. I enjoyed hanging out with all of them, and if I seemed standoffish or rude, well, I’m sorry. I’m just not the best socialized person in the world.

*** Our kids enjoyed swimming in the pool at the hotel where the Collettes and the Gibsons were staying, and so did I. I deeply appreciate the invitation. SuperAdorable Kid in specific vastly enjoyed the pool and especially the hot tub.

***I had a good time playing HeroClix with Tony Collette, even if my own house rules about the Teleport Pad special object token ended up screwing me badly in our second game. I can see I’m going to have to substantially modify those; otherwise, the first person who gets to move and attack with a teleport pad handy pretty much wins in a walk.

***It’s been a very long time since I’ve gone to see a movie with such a mob. It felt kinda nice… I’ve missed it.

***SuperFiance makes the universe’s finest potato salad.

*** Friday, well before everyone showed up, I made the delightful discovery at a comics shop that Neil Gaiman is writing an ETERNALS miniseries. And it’s excellent so far… good enough by far to let me tolerate the wretched John Romita Jr. artwork.

*** All our kids behaved fabulously while company was here, but SuperFiance and I were especially impressed with Super Adorable Kid’s general equanimity. She can be a sweetie when she wants to be; but she’s had a great deal to learn about sharing attention with others and being a good sport about it. I think she’s made a lot of progress lately, and I was happy to see the results of that displayed this weekend.

*** I enjoyed showing new folks around our neighborhood, even though I gave them at most a limited tour prior to dinner being ready after we got back from the movie. I’d actually planned to run the across the street and show them around the Krogers where I used to be Mr. Floor Maintenance, but I totally forgot when we left The Great Escape. Probably just as well; I doubt anyone would have enjoyed me regaling them with a detailed catalogue of all the really bad spots, like the short length of tile in front of the grapes in produce. Sometimes we treasure our narrow little fields of expertise a little more than we should.

I may do separate posts giving some details of the two clix games Tony and I played, and my review of Superman Returns, but for now, I’ll once again direct you over to my lovely paramour’s lovely blog, and leave it at that.

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