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Saturday, June 23, 2007

The A List

I'm working today, but I pulled a 1 to 9:30 slot, and went to bed waaaay early last night, so work, at this point, seems a far off, distant rumble well beyond the horizon and I almost feel like I have a Saturday off. Not really, of course, but for the nonce, let me dream.

Mike Norton has a list of what's in the upcoming AVENGERS HeroClix set. It's over at his blog. Go look at it.

Now -- taking The List slot by slot --

A new Ultimates Cap seems utterly ridiculous to me, especially as a common. I hate them. I want them to die.

Ditto that for Ultimates Iron Man. And I want to ditto it for Ultimates Captain Britain, but, hey, maybe he has a cool dial and I can swap sculpts on it, or something.

Gargoyle? Holy SHIT. ::ralllfffff::

Nice to see some generic Guardsmen. Pity their dials suck so bad.

We've been over the new Moon Knight prior to this.

Crossbones? ::shrug::

I'd like to see the new Wonder Man. If he has the red safari jacket, or, alternatively, his original Masters of Evil togs, I'm in.

Hulkling, Patriot, and Stature can all, every single one of them, BITE me.

Shang Chi is cool.

Happy to have Piledriver, although I have to say, the Wrecking Crew seems to overall be pretty much Teh Suck. Piledriver's GIRLY SLAP (heh, nice one, Mike) power would be okay with Armor Piercing, but it makes him pricey.

Stingray, I assume, is going to be the dolphin symbol equivalent of a Guardsman. Be interesting to see something with a Dolphin symbol on a flight stand...

U.S. Agent? Errrrr...

Luke Cage? I assume he'll be bald and have a bad Bendis chick character clinging to his leg. Noooooo THANK you.

Living Laser? At 91 points he could be nicely done. I'll hope.

Blazing Skull, and the other Invaders/Liberty Legionnaires, I'm very happy about. Hoping for good execution.

Darkhawk? Fuck.

Dragon Man? Oh baby! Double sized, please.

Toro? 'course.

Iron Widow? Somebody shoot me. No, somebody shoot Tuttle. That's the ticket.



No Grim Reaper, but fucking Lionheart?

Ah'm a'gonna KEEL someone.

Yeah, Black Panther. Ultimates Quicksilver... should be a hockey puck. Another Ultimates Scarlet Witch? Bleah. Ultimates Vision? Bleah again, but, you know, potential for sculpt switching if the base doesn't have an annoying TA. Ultimates Wasp... bleah.

Taskmaster... whatever, dude.

Iron Lad and Ronin... Ah'm a'gonna keel MORE people.

Red Skull... yeah, yeah, Cosmic Cube, too stupid to use it efficiently, gotcha.

Ultimate Abomination? What?

What's wrong with the old Baron Zemo?

Bucky? By himself? Cool.

Ultimates Falcon. Say, bite me.

Thin Man? Golden Age Liberty Legion? Yeah, I'm okay with that.

Giant Man? YEAH, baby.

Spitfire and Union Jack? More Invaders?? YEAH, baby.

Ultimates Namor? Ah'm a'gonna keel so MANY people...

Starfox? Well... okay...

Molecule Man? Um... nice to have the fig, no way to do the powers right, though.

Hey, THERE's the Grim Reaper! Kewl! I hope he's in the black costume. And doesn't look dead.

Thunderstrike? Excellent.

Namorita? That's fine.

Wiccan? No! Continue to bite me.

...I'm sorry, I have to backtrack a minute... it's VERY COOL that we're getting a Grim Reaper in this set. He'd BETTER have a good sculpt and a playable dial. He'd BETTER. If Seth Swordsmans the GR, it will make me very unhappy.

Yondu. Fab. Must have multiple targets. Where's Charlie?

Two Gun Kid? Heh. Hopefully with an Avengers TA. He and Jonah Hex can share the same space on my shelves.

Winter Soldier? Jesus, Bucky gets three figs in this set, and he's SUPPOSED to be dead.

Red Armor Spider-Man. Oh, bite me, bite me, BITE me.

Citizen V? Two Zemos for the price of one?

The Colonel? Wasn't he in BOOGIE NIGHTS?

Ares. The stench lingers.

Ultimates Hulk! I'll kill everybody. I will.

Hawkeye? Well... but you know it's going to be that rotten Young Avenger. Oh, so much death to deal. OH, so much.

A new Scarlet Witch? Cool.

A new Quicksilver? Um... was something wrong with the AW version?

Classic Silver Age Wasp sculpt! Crappy crappy dial and no special powers and Seth just sucks and suck and sucks, but, hey, now I can sculpt shift onto better dials.

Cap and Bucky... 138 points? Get outta town! Well, they're a legendary team; I just hope this new Duo Characters power doesn't end up being a waste of time.

I guess I want about half the set, and won't get hardly any of it... ah, well. Such is life.

It is, though, a criminal offense against the name AVENGERS, how crappy half this set is.

I Have Said It. It Is True.

(That may be my new closing line for every entry. You just love it, don't you? Admit it.) ;)


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