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Friday, December 28, 2007

MORE Christmas!

When I said I wasn't thrilled about getting the first season of ALIAS on DVD for Christmas, I intended no criticism, honestly. I merely wanted to note it, to discourage future gifts of Seasons 2, 3, etc. I tried to watch ALIAS many times during the original broadcast of its first season, and a few times intermittently in subsequent seasons, and never could get into it much. I don't know why. It just wasn't my thing.

I appreciated the thought and the generosity embodied by the gift very much, though. Nobody hits the bullseye every time; I myself am only indifferent decent at giving gifts people will enjoy.

So it came as a surprise to me to find that Tony had gone out and sent me a back up gift, which I got in the mail today. And it's one I like much, much better -- the new S.M. Stirling anthology, ICE, IRON, AND GOLD.

So thanks for that, Tony. It was totally unnecessary, but I very much appreciate it.


At 10:15 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What had happened was I had got the first season of Alias at Half Price Books to try out. Kathy loves Jennifer Garner, and the show, so we got the Rambaldi Box set that was on sale. And we had a dupe of season 1 that I thought would work for you.
So technically the book was the only thing we really bought as a gift meant for you.
Glad you liked it. Like I told Tammy, it'd be a good present when the post Christmas letdown sinks in.
Although with a Wii and Guitar Hero III and Marvel Ultimate Alliance, unless you broke the TV with the controller I don't see where the letdown has started yet ^_^

Tony C.

At 3:05 PM , Anonymous Nate said...

Tha's fo-sho fo-sho...

At 7:13 PM , Blogger The Bunnyman said...

Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a bit of a let down in some areas (character choice, the fact that no matter how you change the costumes or characters in play, it doesn't modify what you see in the movies, activating the powers, primarily), but it's decent mindless fun so far. I'd much rather the central staging area was Avengers Mansion than that sissified Stark Tower, though. And why can't I run Hank Pym? They put in Spider-Woman and Ms. Marvel but no Wasp or Scarlet Witch? And no HAWKEYE? In a COMBAT GAME? Are they INSANE?

Still, I'm more or less enjoying it, when I can get a few minutes on the Wii, which isn't often.

Thanks again for the book.

At 8:38 PM , Blogger SuperWife said...

Still, I'm more or less enjoying it, when I can get a few minutes on the Wii, which isn't often.

Bitch, please.


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