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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Little things hitting each other


Either I or Mike Norton have almost certainly used that tagline prior to this, but what the hell.

Yesterday saw a small cardboard receptable arrive in the mail from WizKids. I was at work at the time, but SuperGirlfriend confided to me on the phone that she was pretty sure it was my Krypto, mostly because the edge of the mailing box was taped shut with a seal that had 'KRYPTO' printed on it. I had her open it up and sure enough, it was The Last Dog Of Doomed Krypton, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, anyway.

I'm delighted to have a Krypto, although I admit I'm still baffled as to why he gets Psychic Blast on his final click of life. Still, it's wonderful to have a click of Superboy's canine companion. For 100 points he's a decent beat stick; 10 movement with Charge, 9 attack with Super Strength, 17 Defense with Invulnerability, and 3 damage give him a reasonable chance of getting over to an opponent, nailing it for some damage, and not getting hit back, assuming he's not fighting too far out of his league.

Give him a Large Object feat card so he can trade off the damage done with an object for a plus to his attack, and let him seize up a dumpster or something similarly large and heavy in his mighty jaws to use as a weapon, and he can get that attack up to an 11, which is pretty formidable. Charge adds 1 to damage done by successful Close Combat attacks under my House Rules, so with that Large Object in his jaws, Krypto has a pretty good chance of getting to someone and laying 5 solid clicks of damage on them early in the game... which is enough, even under my House Rule augmented definitions of Invulnerability and Impervious, to leave a mark on even the most imperturbable of potential opponents.

Krypto holds his number pretty well down the length of his 7 click dial, including a quick pop up to a 10 attack (still with Super Strength) and a 17 defense (now only with Toughness) on his fifth click. He's only doing 2 damage at that point, but he's picked up Flurry, so he can hammer targets twice in close combat at that point, and with a 10 attack, he'll most likely hit. At that point, he's probably best tasked to clearing the board of more weenie-ish targets like... well... like this other fellow I picked up yesterday...

Dr. Psycho. Rescued from obscurity as an old time, long unused Wonder Woman villain by last year's Villains United mini series, this is a piece already largely held in contempt by most HeroClix power gamers. These mix n' match team builders, who care nothing for what the plastic fig represents but only about what powers it brings to the table, will whine and bluster for hours about how Dr. Psycho, at 100 points, is far less usable than the prison-bitch Professor Xavier from the Fantastic Forces, who gets the same number of targets and much the same powers (Mind Control and Incapacitate) as Dr. Psycho, with a higher Attack Value, for only 99 points.

One could argue with them -- Professor Punk has a somewhat lower speed, a vastly lower defense, and only one click of Mastermind to shrug damage off on to a minion with, while Dr. Psycho has a full four clicks, plus he can do a click of damage to someone if they're, you know, a wimp. But none of that is the point. I only play Professor X in teams where he can sensibly show up; those teams are not likely to welcome a psychotic midget from across the dimensional divide. Dr. Psycho, on the other hand, completes my Society Board of Directors team, and I'm anxious to play them.

Oddly, while Collateral Damage gave us a plug in TA for The Society (Lex Luthor's Modern Age version of the Silver Age Secret Society of Supervillains), it requires an Injustice League TA already be on the fig's base to work. None of the Society Board of Directors figs we have already -- Lex himself, Deathstroke, Talia, Black Adam, and Dr. Psycho -- have Injustice League TAs on them, which makes the Society TA pretty useless. In fact, the only TAs in the whole group are Lex Luthor's Superman Enemies alliance, and Dr. Psycho's Calculator TA. This will, at least, let Dr. Psycho stand next to Luthor and get some Outwit, which the group could certainly use, but all told, the Society TA seems like a big bust to me.

I want to note that I certainly did not get Dr. Psycho out of a booster; I paid $10 for the ugly little gnome, after finding him in the Great Escape's singles box. Buying boosters since Armor Wars and Collateral Damage came out has largely been a waste of time; you rarely get much of anything when you only buy a couple of boosters at a shot. In fact, with Collateral Damage, it seems to have become so easy to cherry pick the boosters with the Uniques out of the cases, that buying whatever a store decides to put out as single boosters on their shelves is pretty much an exercise in futility. I've probably bought close to a case by now of CD, between my initial brick and the boosters I've bought since, and I've yet to see even a single OMAC, much less any of the higher numbered chase figures that continue to elude me. Armor Wars is much the same. And because these figures are so difficult for everyone to find, you can't trade for them or get them out of singles cases, either. It's truly aggravating. Apparently, the only way I'm going to be able to get a Veteran Ultron, a Veteran Captain America, or any of the many many Vets I still need from CD, is to buy a frickin' case -- at which point, I'll be swimming in unwanted extra figs of the lower numbered, more common REVs.

And, you know, it's not like the $400 I need to order two different cases of clix is exactly dropping from trees around here these days, either...

Ah, well. Billions of other people have much worse problems.


SuperGirlfriend has been scheming something to put in my Easter Basket for a while. Actually, a few things. I knew what one was (a DVD set I've been looking forward to for many years) but all I knew about the other was that it was most likely a HeroClix of some sort. I kinda figured it must be the Reverse Flash, since Mike Norton was selling one at an EBay auction a while back and I wanted it badly.

So today she mentioned she'd accidentally left a package out in the car, and I better not go snooping around after she brought it in or I'd ruin the surprise. I, being all mature and manly and shit, whined like a 7 year old about having to wait, and she said if I wanted it now I could have it, but I'd have less in my Easter Basket, and what the hell, I'm an 'instant gratification takes too long' kinda fella anyway, and besides, all I need in my Easter Basket is a great deal of chocolate. So I said "gimme gimme gimme" and she gave me gave me gave me... a small cardboard box that I know from long experience is the sort HeroClix come in the mail in, and when I opened it, I found -- a complete REV of OMACs!!!!

Whoo Hoo!

I have the finest girlfriend of all time. AND a Krypto. AND a Dr. Psycho. AND a complete REV of OMACs!!!!


At 11:06 AM , Blogger SuperFiancee said...

No, Sweetie, the code on the box was WAY tougher to crack than THAT! It said 'RYPTO', not 'KRYPTO'. I are a genius!!

At 11:53 PM , Blogger MJ Norton said...

H: Glad to see the doggie arrived! Mine came either last Saturday or Monday; it was so far iun the back of the mailbox and turned on its side that I almost missed it Monday and could have easily done so on Saturday when I pulled a clog of mail out of the front and casually bowed to look farther into the box. Either way, we each have them now.

I haven't done anything with mine other than show him to some comics fans at work. No battles between him and previous clix brick mail-away and fellow 100 pt piece Anthony Stark have happened to date. In a comics vs comics scenario I'd say the golden Avenger would be doomed to be a chew toy, and under your house rules it'll likely go the same way, but under the official rules... a great deal depends upon not only the skill of the players, of course, but whether or not Stark can manage to make an early 8 attack roll. With his superior Range (8 vs 6) and Krypto's move & attack power being Charge, unless he's incompetent the Stark player shouldn't be subject to a charge by Krypto since he only needs to get within 8 spaces of Krypto to take a shot, and Krypto would need to be within 5 spaces of movement to Charge. If Tony can turn off the Invulnerability and manage the 8 or better to smack the puppy for 3 clicks of Damage, Krypto's on his worst click (#4), with an Attack Value of 7, Defense of 15 and only Toughness in play.

Krypto's greater Speed (10) exceeds Stark's Range (8) so under your rules the Pup of Power can zoom in and likely do some damage before Stark would even have a chance to make that Outwit roll. Oh, sure, he could move into range and take a shot at it, and provided you allow free actions in the middle of one of those move, attack, moves he might be able to make that 3 damage felt fully... but he'll have to make that 8 or better roll twice (Outwit and then Attack) to do it. Of course, Stark does have the opportunity to move into his 8 Range, try all that, and then move as far out of Range as he could, so maybe he could keep Krypto from being able to rush him after all. I'd be expecting most of these moves to end with figures Soaring.

All in all, of course, most of that's another endorsement of your house rules given that Krypto should be faster and more powerful than that early Iron Man.

I haven't bothered to order the Giants set yet, though the most recent reports are that the codes are now working properly. Since the official sale date for these isn't until May 3rd and Wizkids has a history of rewarding the boldest with bizarre and unexpected problems, I'm waiting until later this month before putting my order through.

As for the Society, keep in mind that all it takes is one IJ on the team and all of those with the Calculator TA can copy it since it's an alternate TA. The ruling, at least as I understand it, is that since the TA doesn't specifically forbid it being copied by wildcards that that option's still open despite the card mentioning the IL symbol and not the IL team ability. Reportedly the wording was meant to clarify that this was an alternate TA, and so couldn't be invoked by Thunderbolts, and instead it's only caused confusion.

Anyway, for no good reason I'm looking forward to Giganta as part of a Society team. Still, that said, I agree that we're running light on eligible Society members, with Dr. Psycho able to use it so long as you work one of the official IL members into the mix. From the look of things it's going to be next February before there's a serious shot at any more Injustice Leaguers. Given how many figures are retired or soon to be retired, though, there are likely some good shots here and there. Deathstroke's already retired and Black Adam will be by July, for instance. Next year Talia (from Legacy) will be joining them at the Old Clix Home. Since retirement - we're told - is an essential part of "maintaining balance" in the game (maintaining Wizkids' bank balance, certainly) to the extent that any of these are considered key players they'll be making reappearances.

On the other hand, with only one set per year it's more difficult for DC to work reworked characters into the mix... but the tourney scene will definitely be missing Deathstroke and Black Adam in particular... though who knows what the Seth Jones versions will be like..?

S.G.: "RYPTO"? Has Scooby Doo been reduced to typing labels for Wizkids?

At 3:16 PM , Blogger Highlander said...


You are a genius, you are, you are. Although anyone would tell you your taste in men needs some work. ;)


I think the kids are pretty much over HeroClix, so my chances of getting a game in the near future don't seem good. Still, I'm enjoying the figures.

Today saw us drop the kids off over at The Ex's place, and then we headed for Southern Indiana to do some Easter shopping. After getting a lot of candy and a few other odds and sods for the Easter baskets, we went over to Pulp Heroes, a tiny hole-in-the-strip-mall-wall comics store just down the street, where we picked up a booster of AW and CD, and haggled a $20 Ultraman from their singles case down to $15.

As noted in the entry itself, the boosters were pretty much wastes of time. But at least I now have all the CSA figs that are currently out.

At 4:40 AM , Blogger MJ Norton said...

At the risk of being sexist, I might have a better chance of getting my sons into a clix game than one would daughters -- so much of it all tends to appeal more to guys than gals -- but in my case it's a matter of finding the time and opportunity. Trav and Nick each responded well to the New Guy Night events I took them to, and were interested in playing (Nick even went with me to the next couple events) but schedules are the killer for us.

Still, if one goes by results you managed to get far more home games going for a while there than I've managed since the earliest days of clix around here.

Though it's clear that much of it is a pure drive for distraction, I keep finding myself thinking about plunging in with more clix buys in search of more HIVE Agents and OMACs. Each time I've quickly talked myself out of it because it would take an extremely lucky buy to deliver the goods instead of a load of figures I already have multiples of. So, I'm trying to stay focused forward. Between the Hydra REV, the rumored SHIELD one and even the Madrox scheme Seth cooked up Sinister is giving us more reasons for bulk buys... but that's off at the end of June. I'm happy to see the Sinister previews begun -- Madrox, Radioactive Man and Trapster so far -- even though some weaknesses and points of irritation have come with them. All post fodder, that.

I haven't even ordered my DC Giants yet, and now Wizard & Wizkids have pulled out this year's magazine subscription scheme via a 100 pt Superman robot that one can get multiples of by subscribing for multiple years. The initial prices, though, are steep. Passing up last year's Batwinkle was a snap, but having a few of these Superman robots has some appeal... No decisions yet.

At 11:30 AM , Blogger Highlander said...

Superman robots. Now THAT's cool. Although you could make one pretty easy with a Superman fig and the LMD feat card... still, I'll have to try and snare a few on the secondary market.


Great Escape sent me a 'private sale' card as a thank you for going on their mailing list -- good for 20% off anything in the store. They have had a CD clix brick on the shelves there for about a month now, not going anywhere, despite the fact that they've marked it down to like $75. If it's still there when we get there, and they'll let me use my discount card on it, I'll be picking that up a little later today. I figure I've got to get at least ONE vet I don't already have, although if I only DO get one vet I want, $60 is a pretty steep price to pay for it...

At 11:36 AM , Blogger Highlander said...

Oh, thanks for the tip on the new sneak peeks in the SINISTER gallery. I checked it all day yesterday at work and all I got was stinking Madrox.

I think Trapster will be a decent addition to a Frightful Four team, but much will depend on how the Wizard is defined. If the Wizard can be both a Brilliant Tactician and use Inspiring Command, the Frightul Four could be extremely effective under my House Rules, with Trapster primarily using his Barrier to bottle people up.

Obviously, I'll have to create a Frightful Four TA and house rule it onto all four FFers to make Inspiring Command work, but I've done worse.

Oh, I've also decided to rework Flashbang, as its current wording is useless under my House Rules, where everyone can move half their distance and use a range power as a free action, anyway. Instead, I'll have it allow a fig to move full distance and use Smoke Cloud, or remain stationary and use Smoke Cloud as a free action. That last option will suddenly make the Icons classic Robin fig somewhat useful, which is shocking, but kind of nice.


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