The gang who couldn't shoot straight

Super-Bush and his Awesome Electronic Interceptors have done it again. Last time, they'd foiled some insane plot no one ever heard about to blow up LAX. This time, they've busted 7 idiots who contacted an undercover FBI agent thinking he was with Al Qaeda, offering to blow up several American buildings in exchange for equipment and funding.

It's good that these guys were caught, since otherwise, they might very well have taken out a few innocent bystanders in the back blast when they inevitably and inadvertently blew themselves to pieces while ineptly trying to rig a detonator out of an old coffee can stuffed full of blasting caps in the back of a van full of fertilizer. And it's nice that the FBI has undercover agents out there soliciting dumbasses like this to do dumbass things. But please keep in mind, as the media blitzkrieg builds to a fever pitch -- this is not a triumph in the War on Terror, and these idiots had nothing to do with Al Qaeda, or however the hell it is we're spelling it this week. This was law enforcement in action, taking some dipshits off the streets before they hurt themselves or others.

Mind you, I'm all in favor of taking murderous conspirators off the street. But we don't need to give up our civil liberties to catch guys like this, nor do we need any troops in Iraq to do it, either.

That is all.

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