SuperGirlfriend and I have been on a minor streak of bad luck lately. With actively hostile eyes constantly scanning this web page in hope of finding some advantage in our misery, I won't go into details right now. But it's been a trying week or so. Not without high points, obviously, but still, stuff keeps piling up.

Right now, one of the more minor, but still very aggravating, stress points is with the computer. This weekend we seem to have inadvertently downloaded some kind of virus. After a lot of painstaking effort I think we've finally gotten rid of it, but while it was here it seems to have stripped away all our protection from pop ups. Now we get barraged with pop ups constantly whenever we're on the Internet, and for that matter, even when we're not, and the various pop up blockers we have (AOL's, Yahoo's, Viewpoint's) are now all ineffective, even when I de-install and then re-install them.

So if anyone out there has a good remedy against a constant barrage of pop ups, we'd love to hear about it.

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